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Taxi driver returns 2kg gold, cash to owner

A taxi driver returned two kilogrammes of gold ornaments and 255,000 baht in cash to a woman, who left her belongings in his vehicle early on Tuesday.

The return of the lost property by Withit Duangchumpol, 34, to Patcharee Sae Lin, 58, the owner of a gold shop in Phetchabun province, was witnessed by Pol Col Akrawut Thaneerat, chief of Thung Mahamek police, and executives of Jor Sor 100 radio station at 7pm on the same day.

Mr Withit said at about 1.50am he took a female passenger from Saphan Khwai to Ratchawong area.

On arriving at his home, Mr Withit found a black bag left in the taxi. He called the Jor Sor 100 radio station, asking it to announce in the middle of its regular programme for the owner to reclaim the bag.

He then took the bag to the radio station, where he and station staff found inside it 2kg of gold ornaments and 255,000-baht cash.

An arrangement was subsequently made for the the owner, Mrs Patcharee, to reclaim her property.

Mrs Patcharee said when she first arrived in Bangkok on Monday night she took a taxi from Mor Chit bus terminal to Thanam Ratchawong, but the taxi could not find her destination and took her to Saphan Khwai area. She then took a new taxi, driven by Mr Withit, to her house in Thanam Ratchawong area.

At the house, she found out she had left her bag with the cash and valuables in the taxi. She then make a call to inform Thung Mahamek police and Jor Sor 100 radio station of the lost items, but did not expect to get them back.

Mrs Patcharee gave Mr Withit 100,000 baht in return for his good deed and made a donation of 30,000 baht to the radio station's programme to buy wheelchairs for people in need. Mr Withit also joined the programme by giving 10,000 baht of the reward to the radio station.


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