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der er ikke ufarlig at være munk slet ikke når man vil have kvindelig selv skab

Abbot shot by 'resentful' woman

CHAI NAT -- A woman fired six gunshots at the abbot of a temple in Sankhaburi district, inflicting serious wounds, as villagers gathered there to make merit on Monday morning, a Bhuddist holy day.

Pol Capt Wichokchai Onlamai, a Sankhaburi police investigator, said Phra Nathapol Jitchamnong, 42, the abbot of Wat Areethaweewanaram at Ban Nong E-duk in tambon Dong Khon, was attacked while walking from a shelter with food for some dogs.

A woman was waiting for him with a gun. She fired six shots at the monk, hitting him twice in the abdomen and once in the right leg.

About 100 villagers who were still at the temple heard the shots and rushed to help the abbot, who had fallen to the ground in a pool of blood. They also grabbed and held Athitaya Pan-gnern, 31, from tambon Bang Khut, his assailant, and called police.

According to police, Ms Athitaya said she had an affair with the abbot and fell pregnant. He made her get an abortion and wanted no more to do with her. She allegedly confessed, and said she acted out of resentment.

The suspect was taken away by police for further questioning and legal action.

Phra Nathapol was rushed to Sanburi hospital and was reported to be out of danger. Police said they would question him when he was well enough.