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Pattaya's Darkside. What's it like?
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Skrevet d. 11-04-2024 13:29
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Pattaya's Darkside. What's it like? The Bars, The Girls, The Food, & Living There? Tourist Info

What is Pattaya's Darkside (aka East Pattaya) all about? As a tourist is it worth a trip there? Is it scary as the name suggests? I am back there again, and this video, I will take you on a tour of the Pattaya Darkside and I will blow the lid off the myths.

East Pattaya, affectionately nicknamed "the dark side" by locals and expats living in Pattaya Thailand, is a unique and lively part of Pattaya city. Far from its mischievous name suggesting anything sinister, this area is actually a charming blend of residential tranquility, bustling local life, and unusual Darkside Nightlife. It's where the vibrant Thai culture shines brightly with street markets, local eateries, and a more laid-back lifestyle compared to the neon-lit buzz of central Pattaya. Although by night, there are still some great Pattaya Darkside Bars to visit.

The area is dotted with small lakes and villages, offering a more authentic Thai living experience. Here, you might find expats riding bicycles alongside local kids playing in the streets, or families enjoying a leisurely meal at a roadside food stall. The community is tight-knit, with a mix of Thai residents and international expats who've fallen in love with the area's serene charm.
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