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I Will Not Love You Long Time

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En påmindelse om, at du ikke kan købe eller må drikke alkohol på togene i Thailand

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Taxi driver returns half a million baht to Australian
Wimol Treepat (right), a taxi driver, returns the money left in his taxi to his passenger David Collinson at the police unit of Suvarnabhumi airport


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nogle er ærlige andre ikke ((1((

Tricks of the trade: Why tourists might pay 2,540 baht for a taxi ride in Bangkok!

BANGKOK: -- Four Chinese tourists were charged 2,540 baht for a ride from the airport to their downtown Bangkok hotel yesterday.

But the seemingly random and exorbitant figure - perhaps five times what it should be - is a ruse used by rogue taxi drivers to con unsuspecting tourists.

A taxi driver who heard about the case told that 2540 is a code used by the Land Transport department when checking the proper function of the meter in taxis.

Taxi drivers just have to press a button and the code comes up on the screen as if it was the actual fare. The driver said this was used to con people.

It appears to be common knowledge among taxi drivers.

But the staff at the Tara Place Hotel in Sam Sen Road near the river smelt an obvious rogue taxi rat. They contacted the Land Transport Department with the number and registration detains of the cab in question.

He will have some explaining to do.

No mention was made in the report if the tourists forked out the 2,540 baht demanded. The fare from Suvarnabhumi to that area of town would likely be around 500 - 600 baht.

link til kilde på thai http://news.sanoo...m/2074998/

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Det er da helt utroligt som de altid kommer galt afsted.

De kan ikke køre på knallert uden at det ender i kaos, biler kan de heller ikke styre uden at ramme alt og alle på deres vej, og nu er det så bådene det går ud over denne gang.

På en underlig surrealistisk måde kan man ikke andet at elske deres galskab((7))

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En familie Bar I Thailand

En masse sjov for far, er ikke sikker på om resten af familien er så glade

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Old man who lost family savings gets Bt1.3m in donations
An elderly man who lost a purse containing all his family savings of Bt15,000 in Buri Ram province..


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Ægte Thainess

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det er dejligt at se nogle taxaer/motorcykler chauffører i Bangkok der tilbyder gratis service i dag i respekt for for kongen taxi.jpg

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mere nyt fra bar industrien

Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy og andre underholdnings muligheder i Bangkok vil forblive lukket på ubestemt tid.

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Avis vejen ((7))

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Det styrtregner men vi kommer tørskoet frem ((4))

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Hvorfor ikke nu hvor der er mangel på sort tøj

เสื้อตัวนี้สีดำ ผมรักในหลวง

"This shirt is black.

I love The King"

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Genbrug er godt ((7))

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Falang BAR

BANGKOK:-- Eight backpackers were arrested for smoking ganja in Bangkok yesterday - they were all rounded up at a guest house named "Overstay".

A joint operation was mounted between soldiers and Bowonmonkhol station police after complaints of noise and smoke wafting from the Charoen Sanitwong premises.

The task force found 20 foreigners in the 15 room facility - they were both men and women from the UK, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Israel and China.

All were given a urine test for drugs and eight of these - seven men and one woman - registered a purple result indicating marijuana use.

The Israeli - Ewal Chawot, 32 - was found in possession of 22.64 grams of the drug.

The seven caught with the drug in their system were charged at the local police station while the Israeli faces possession with intent to distribute as well.

Police are now looking for the owner of "Overstay" to determine if they knew what was going on at the premises.


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Drunk Monk Disrobed For Public Tantrum

Ni-orn Saenmuangchin, 51, sits Monday inside Udon Thani Police Station after he caused commotion at the provincial bus terminal.

UDON THANI — A monk was disrobed Monday after he got drunk on moonshine and yelled at a number of farangs waiting at a bus station.

Ni-orn Saenmuangchin, from a forest temple in Udon Thani province, was pacing around the provincial bus terminal yelling at seated foreigners when police and military officers approached to see what was wrong.

Full story: http://www.khaoso...c-tantrum/

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fin sjov video

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Taxi driver returns 2kg gold, cash to owner

A taxi driver returned two kilogrammes of gold ornaments and 255,000 baht in cash to a woman, who left her belongings in his vehicle early on Tuesday.

The return of the lost property by Withit Duangchumpol, 34, to Patcharee Sae Lin, 58, the owner of a gold shop in Phetchabun province, was witnessed by Pol Col Akrawut Thaneerat, chief of Thung Mahamek police, and executives of Jor Sor 100 radio station at 7pm on the same day.

Mr Withit said at about 1.50am he took a female passenger from Saphan Khwai to Ratchawong area.

On arriving at his home, Mr Withit found a black bag left in the taxi. He called the Jor Sor 100 radio station, asking it to announce in the middle of its regular programme for the owner to reclaim the bag.

He then took the bag to the radio station, where he and station staff found inside it 2kg of gold ornaments and 255,000-baht cash.

An arrangement was subsequently made for the the owner, Mrs Patcharee, to reclaim her property.

Mrs Patcharee said when she first arrived in Bangkok on Monday night she took a taxi from Mor Chit bus terminal to Thanam Ratchawong, but the taxi could not find her destination and took her to Saphan Khwai area. She then took a new taxi, driven by Mr Withit, to her house in Thanam Ratchawong area.

At the house, she found out she had left her bag with the cash and valuables in the taxi. She then make a call to inform Thung Mahamek police and Jor Sor 100 radio station of the lost items, but did not expect to get them back.

Mrs Patcharee gave Mr Withit 100,000 baht in return for his good deed and made a donation of 30,000 baht to the radio station's programme to buy wheelchairs for people in need. Mr Withit also joined the programme by giving 10,000 baht of the reward to the radio station.


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Schoolboys find B100,000 in a pair of old jeans

TAK – Two schoolboys in Mae Ramat district were delighted to receive donated clothes to wear during the cold season, but what surprised them most was what they found in the pocket of a pair of jeans – 100,000 baht cash.

Khamnon Kaenwichit and his cousin Nawapon Suksereepon are both aged 9 and in Prathom 1 (Grade 1) at Ban Khun Huay Mae Thor School in tambon Sam Muen.

They told their teacher on Thursday afternoon about the B100,000 windfall they found in a pocket of the donated denim trousers, clothing the school distributed to needy students.

The boys and their family wanted to return the money to the owner, they said.

The school had received sacks of used clothes last week from a group of people who donated them for distribution to those in need.

The school was coordinating with the donor group to help find the owner of the cash.

The surprise discovery of the money was confirmed by the Office of Education Zone 2 in Tak province.

-Bangkok Post

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Hvem gider betale 750 baht for at se lidt ud over bangkok

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BANGKOK — A police pursuit ended with 18 people injured in the capital’s Ekkamai area after the driver of a delivery truck plowed through a roadblock and damaged dozens of cars Wednesday afternoon.

Police opened fire on the truck driven by Ekkapoj Yodsiri, 27, who they managed to arrest and take to the Thonglor Police Station for questioning.


lastbil kørte igennem politiet,s blokade, påkørte, 36 biler og sårede 18 personer på den tur

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Update on truck driver that damaged 36 vehicles in Ekkamai. Police found 1.9g of Ice on him

derfor ville han væk små¨2 kilo giver 30 til 50 år i hotel gitterly

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Bangkok Post infographic showing the 5km route of the truck that damaged 38 vehicles in #Bangkok

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Teacher accused of beating 7-year-old with stick

Boonsueb Khanthong, 50, said this happened on Friday when her son left his classroom before time. The teacher (name withheld) allegedly hit him 99 times with a wooden stick wrapped in adhesive tape.

Mrs Boonsuem claimed the teacher offerred her 50,000 baht to settle the case, but she did not accept it because she wanted her brought into the justice process.


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Bailed child procurer let out to continue preying on children

HAT YAI: -- A man who was arrested in September for procuring children for sex was given bail.

He promptly continued with his business of supplying the under aged to pedophiles in the Hat Yai area, reports Sanook.

He was brazenly using the Line application sending sick pictures of young girls to customers.

Police in the southern Thai town set up a sting at the My Home Resort yesterday and Sanan otherwise known as Nat Wansamngam, 30, arrived in a car to deliver a girl who was under 15 to one of the rooms.

Officers handed over the agreed 3,000 baht and petrol money of 200 baht then arrested the pimp.

Police said he had been arrested on September 8th on a warrant issued in August for the same offence. But the court gave him bail.

Source: Sanook: http://news.sanoo...m/2144310/

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se med på denne dejlige halv frække reklame

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Denne gamle Thai TV annonce for Nissan pickups er strålende. Det må have været gjort omkring det tidspunkt den amerikanske show The Dukes of Hazzard var populært.

Højtflyvende pickupper ...

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Bangkok deputy governor Amnuay Nimmano wants city inspectors to be strict in stopping motorcyclists illegally using footpaths, which he says are for pedestrians.

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BANGKOK — A homeless woman was arrested Thursday on suspicion of throwing boiling hot water at random women pedestrians in Bangkok last week.

Sirirat Noanthong, 41, is accused of multiple counts of unprovoked assault, some of which were captured on security cameras. Police said the suspect will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see whether she’s fit to stand trial.

Police spotted her on a street in Samut Prakan province Thursday night. Police reportedly found a thermos among her belongings.

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Jeg tænker også ofte på det. Mad fylder meget i thaiernes bevidsthed, men gør det ikke også det i vores. Jo, men nok på en anderledes måde. Vi ynder at tale om god mad os så vejret selvfølgelig. Thaierne ikke kun taler om mad, men spiser også ganske ofte. Det er jo så igrunden også diverse eksperter anbefaler. Små måltider men ofte. Det tager jo så bare en vanvittig masse af thaiernes tid alt det spiser, så ikke så meget tid til arbejde da der jo også skal en lille lur til indimellem.

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Thailand’s eighteen different gender identities

They are;

(Straight) Male
A man who likes women.

(Straight) Female
A woman who likes men.

A woman who dresses like a man and likes women or Dees.

A woman who likes manly women or Toms.

Tom Gay
A woman who likes women, Toms, and Dees.

Tom Gay King
A manly Tom who likes Toms.

A woman who likes bisexuals, Toms, lesbians, and men.

A man who likes women, Gay Kings, and Gay Queens (does not include Ladyboys).

Gay Queen
A womanly man who likes men.

Gay King
A manly man who likes men.

Tom Gay Two-Way
A Tom who can be both a Tom Gay King or Tom Gay Queen.

Tom Gay Queen
A womanly Tom who likes Toms.

A woman who likes women.

A man who wants to be a woman.

A man who likes Toms.

A Kathoey who likes Toms.

A woman who likes gay men and Kathoey.

A woman who likes Toms, lesbians, and women, and can also be any of them.”


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Inside the Thai prison where murderers can fight for their freedom

Gangster who stabbed teenager in the head is released six years early after winning Muay Thai match against a converted Buddhist from Kansas

Noy Khaopan was freed early from Thailand’s Khao Prik Prison for winning match

He beat US citizen Cody Moberly in a bloody five round fight for his freedom

Khaopan was jailed for 11 years for stabbing a teenager in the head in 2010

The gangster, who is in his twenties, said he was drunk and ‘lost control’

He took part in Prison Fight, a prison scheme to fight in Muay Thai matches for early release

Jailed murderers can fight for their freedom in bloody Muay Thai matches as part of a prison scheme in Thailand.


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hvorfor ikke slå lidt på næven og livet er igen værd at leve ude i friheden

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Fed Thai reklame

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Is This The Fattest Thai Policeman Ever?

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Inmates in a juvenile correctional facility in Pathum Thani practise Muay Thai boxing. The Corrections Department in cooperation with Srinakharinwirot University has launched activities to promote health and well-being among prisoners

tak ADM for opload:TUP

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ja så kom historien til DK

Politiet jagter denne kvinde: Bandt sin grædende søn til gelænder
Optagelser af den grumme straf har fået politiet i Thailand til at eftersøge kvinden

En thailandsk kvindes hårde, offentlige afstraffelse af sin søn har nu fået hende i det lokale politis søgelys, efter optagelser af hvordan hun behandler den lille dreng er kommet i ordensmagtens besiddelse. Det skriver Daily Mail.

Optagelserne, som skulle være filmet af et øjenvidne, viser hvordan kvinden råber af drengen, mens hun bruger sin ene fod til at presse hans hoved ned.

- Jeg kan ikke trække vejret, jeg kan ikke trække vejret, skriger den lille dreng, mens kvinden ufortrødent binder ham til et gelænder med plasticbånd.

Ifølge Daily Mail blev drengen angiveligt sluppet fri af sin mor kort tid efter. Politiet vil dog stadig gerne tale med kvinden.

- Moderen gør noget rigtig slemt. Er det virkelig hvad en mor skal gøre? Den eneste måde damen (øjenvidnet, red.) kunne hjælpe, var ved at filme en video og dele den, mener Rangsan Namsang fra politiet i Bangkok, hvor videoen er optaget.

Ifølge Rangsan Namsang er man opmærksom på optagelserne, og vil formentlig starte en efterforskning af kvinden.

hun er nu fanget hvad mon straffen bliver

Police in Nonthaburi have arrested a woman who used plastic cord to tie her son to metal railings as a punishment for being naughty.

An officer from Nonthaburi police confirmed the woman had been arrested, saying that she had “a bad heart”.

Under questioning, the woman admitted her behaviour was unacceptable but said she wanted to punish her son for stealing money from her so he could play games at an internet cafe.

Police confirmed the woman will be prosecuted and that officials from Department of Children and Youth, as well as local social workers are also investigating the incident.

Oprettet af yindee d. 27-03-2017 12:30

der er ikke ufarlig at være munk slet ikke når man vil have kvindelig selv skab

Abbot shot by 'resentful' woman

CHAI NAT -- A woman fired six gunshots at the abbot of a temple in Sankhaburi district, inflicting serious wounds, as villagers gathered there to make merit on Monday morning, a Bhuddist holy day.

Pol Capt Wichokchai Onlamai, a Sankhaburi police investigator, said Phra Nathapol Jitchamnong, 42, the abbot of Wat Areethaweewanaram at Ban Nong E-duk in tambon Dong Khon, was attacked while walking from a shelter with food for some dogs.

A woman was waiting for him with a gun. She fired six shots at the monk, hitting him twice in the abdomen and once in the right leg.

About 100 villagers who were still at the temple heard the shots and rushed to help the abbot, who had fallen to the ground in a pool of blood. They also grabbed and held Athitaya Pan-gnern, 31, from tambon Bang Khut, his assailant, and called police.

According to police, Ms Athitaya said she had an affair with the abbot and fell pregnant. He made her get an abortion and wanted no more to do with her. She allegedly confessed, and said she acted out of resentment.

The suspect was taken away by police for further questioning and legal action.

Phra Nathapol was rushed to Sanburi hospital and was reported to be out of danger. Police said they would question him when he was well enough.


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Happy Songkran? Motorists pelted with urine, raw fish, motor oil

A man holds a plastic bag filled with…something early Thursday morning at Liap Chai Fung Bridge in Chonburi. Photo: Saha Group-Laem Chabang / Facebook

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Bred Last last.jpg

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velkommen til

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Thailandsk mand hænger sit barn og sig selv i Facebook livevideo

En video af en thailandsk mand, der hænger sin 11 måneder gamle datter og derefter sig selv, er blevet lagt på det sociale medie Facebook.

Det bekræfter det lokale politi over for nyhedsbureauet dpa.

Den 21-årige mand lagde livevideoen på Facebook sent mandag aften, hvilket fik hans kone til at gå til politiet i byen Phuket, der ligger 840 kilometer fra Bangkok.

Politiet fandt ligene af den 21-årige mand og hans 11 måneder gamle datter hængende fra taget på et forladt hotel.

Hustruen har fortalt det lokale politi, at hendes mand og deres fælles barn forsvandt, efter at de havde haft et skænderi.

Hun har også forklaret politiet, at hendes mand ofte har mishandlet hende.


Oprettet af farang d. 28-04-2017 08:47

Far filmede drab på datter: Nu fortæller hustruen om tragedien

Jiranuch Trirat skyndte sig at alarmere politiet, som et par timer senere fandt ligene af hendes mand og deres datter

21-årige Wuttisan Wongthalay tog mandag livet af sin blot 11 måneder gamle datter, hvorefter han begik selvmord.

Begge dele blev filmet i en livevideo på Facebook, og det var her, den 20-årige hustru, Jiranuch Trirat, så tragedien udspille sig.

- Jeg var sammen med min bror, da det skete. Han loggede ind på Facebook, og pludselig kunne vi se live-videoen. Jeg så, da han tog rebet om min datter, og så kunne jeg ikke se mere, fortæller hun til nyhedsbureauet AFP.

Politi: Drabsmand var paranoid
Jiranuch Trirat skyndte sig at alarmere politiet, som et par timer senere fandt ligene af den thailandske mand og deres datter hængende fra taget på et forladt hotel.

Ifølge Jiranuch Trirat havde hun og Wuttisan Wongthalay flere problemer i deres ægteskab, og han var angiveligt voldelig over for både hende og hendes 5-årige søn fra et tidligere forhold.

Det samme fortæller en lokal efterforskningsleder til Reuters.

- Han (Wuttisan Wongthalay red.) var paranoid og frygtede, at hustruen ville forlade ham, og at hun ikke elskede ham.

Se også: Mand hænger sit barn og sig selv i Facebookvideo

Det var de thailandske myndigheder, der kontaktede Facebook for at få fjernet den voldsomme video. Videoen eksisterer ikke længere på det sociale medie.

Det er ikke første gang, at et mord bliver filmet og lagt ud på Facebook. I sidste uge skød og dræbte 37-årige Steve Stephens en tilfældig ældre mand, Robert Godwin, på gaden i Pennsylvania, USA. Drabet lå på Facebook i flere timer, før det blev fjernet.

Facebook-stifter, Mark Zuckerberg, har efterfølgende udtalt, at det sociale medie konstant arbejder på at forbedre håndteringen af voldelige videoer.

- Vi har meget arbejde at gøre. Vi vil gøre alt, hvad vi kan, for at sådan en tragedie kan undgås, lyder det fra Zuckerberg.


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hvem siger nej til lidt ekstra, ikke thaierne

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Oprettet af M55 d. 01-06-2017 14:45

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Following PM’s scolding, twerking country singer ‘Lamyai’ now covered up

Following the Prime Minister’s comments on her sexy stage outfit and suggestive dance moves earlier this week, the 18-year-old told reporters she has been feeling a little “uneasy,” and has adjusted her act to earn acceptance from the public.

She told Sanook that she has indeed taken the PM’s oddly timed public criticism — he was speaking to reporters after a meeting about rice policy — into consideration. After the premier’s comments, her manager had said Lamyai would dutifully reduce her number of pelvic thrusts, a key selling point of her act, from nine to a demure three.

We’ll be interested to see how long the denim jacket stays in place.

read more http://pattayaone...w-covered/

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Oprettet af bz d. 20-06-2017 06:07

Q8 skrev:
Following PM’s scolding, twerking country singer ‘Lamyai’ now covered up

Following the Prime Minister’s comments on her sexy stage outfit and suggestive dance moves earlier this week, the 18-year-old told reporters she has been feeling a little “uneasy,” and has adjusted her act to earn acceptance from the public.

She told Sanook that she has indeed taken the PM’s oddly timed public criticism — he was speaking to reporters after a meeting about rice policy — into consideration. After the premier’s comments, her manager had said Lamyai would dutifully reduce her number of pelvic thrusts, a key selling point of her act, from nine to a demure three.

We’ll be interested to see how long the denim jacket stays in place.

read more http://pattayaone...w-covered/

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Oprettet af emil d. 21-06-2017 05:09

Thai temple’s shameless pursuit of cash, devaluing culture

Superheroes are coming to the rescue of Thailand’s temples, where monks have commissioned giant statues of comic book icons and toy robots to entertain children while parents donate to their coffers.

Instead of the traditional tranquil Buddhas and mythical beasts that adorn most monasteries in the land, the shimmering Wat Ta Kien temple outside Bangkok is guarded by three towering Transformer robots.

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Truer betjent med kniv: Men se så hvad han gør
I en tid med terrorfrygt kan betjentens reaktion virke overraskende

En thailandsk politibetjent lovprises bredt for sin reaktion, da en mand tilsyneladende ude af balance entrerede Huay Kwang-stationen i Bangkok.

Hvor mange, som automatreaktion - og det vel ganske forståeligt, formentlig ville søge ly eller række efter deres våben, valgte Anirut Malee nemlig venlighed og dialog, da den unavngivne mand begyndte at vifte med en kniv.

Episoden fandt ifølge thailandske medier sted 17. juni, og historien bliver nu flittigt delt verden over.

Fik et kram
Overvågningsbilleder, som du kan se øverst, har indfanget hele optrinnet, og herpå kan man se, hvordan Malee roligt sætter sig på kanten af sit skrivebord og herefter begynder at tale den angiveligt frustrerede mand til ro.

Efter et par ordvekslinger lykkedes det ligefrem betjenten at overbevise manden om at aflevere kniven. Men det bliver bedre.

Malee, der kunne forstå, at manden var stresset og i bund og grund ikke helt havde tænkt situationen igennem, besluttede sig nemlig for også at give ham et kram.

Havde mistet sin guitar
- Han var en forhenværende musiker, som havde arbejdet som sikkerhedsvagt i tre dage uden at blive betalt for det. Han havde derudover fået stjålet sin guitar, så det hele stressede ham lidt, har Malee efterfølgende fortalt ifølge Thai Visa News.

- Jeg hørte hans ord og sympatiserede og sagde, at jeg havde en guitar, han kunne få, og at vi kunne gå ud at få et måltid sammen.

Manden blev angiveligt sendt på hospitalet til en mental-undersøgelse. indtil videre er der ikke blevet rettet nogen anklager mod ham.

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Oprettet af emil d. 30-06-2017 08:57

emil skrev:
Thai temple’s shameless pursuit of cash, devaluing culture

Superheroes are coming to the rescue of Thailand’s temples, where monks have commissioned giant statues of comic book icons and toy robots to entertain children while parents donate to their coffers.

Instead of the traditional tranquil Buddhas and mythical beasts that adorn most monasteries in the land, the shimmering Wat Ta Kien temple outside Bangkok is guarded by three towering Transformer robots.


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Oprettet af eneber d. 11-07-2017 10:46

Accused trafficker on bail arrested with 11kg of 'ice'
Niwat Dokmai, 25, (red shirt) after his arrest by police, with the seized crystal meth on the desk, in Hat Yai district, Songkhla, late on Monday night.

SONGKHLA - A 25-year-old heavily tattooed veteran drug trafficker from Bangkok was arrested and 11 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine worth about 11 million baht seized in Hat Yai district on Monday...

The suspect was also known as Toon Dokmai and was well-known among drug traffickers for the tattoos covering his whole body, even his lips, police said. He was out on bail pending trial on a previous drug...


Redigeret af ADM d. 02-01-2019 02:54

Oprettet af M55 d. 13-07-2017 12:22

BANGKOK — After a couple of pythons made themselves at home Sunday in the toilet of a house in western Bangkok, the family who lives there is wary of using their downstairs bathroom.

Suthiporn Praditkanok, 15, was washing her hands in the restroom at her home in the Taling Chan district, when she ran out screaming after a large python leaped out of the toilet bowl and began slithering towards her.

Hearing her screams, Suthiporn’s dad, Kanok Praditkanok, 41, ran into the bathroom, snapped a photo of the snake with his smartphone, shut the toilet lid on the creature and put the toilet tank cover on the lid for extra protection before calling the authorities.


Redigeret af ADM d. 02-01-2019 02:54

Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 14-07-2017 16:25

Drug Smuggler Forced To Apologise To Two Chickens

A drug smuggler sobs in handcuffs as police make him apologise to two CHICKENS for stuffing condoms filled with meth pills down their throats.

Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, crammed the yaba tablets into seven different rubber contraceptives and forced one bird to swallow three and the other four.

He was carrying the birds in two boxes and waiting for a tuk tuk when officers who had been tipped off noticed him acting suspiciously.

They opened the boxes and were shocked by the huge bulges in the stomachs of the chickens in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand on Wednesday.


Oprettet af AK81 d. 23-07-2017 11:43

der dansens i ris marken ((11((

Oprettet af farang d. 31-07-2017 06:41

Nong Rose strikes blow for equality

Clad in a pink tank top and shorts, her face made up with rouge and red lipstick, transgender Muay Thai fighter Nong Rose Bancharoensuk is a formidable opponent.

Just ask Priewpak Sorjor Vichit Padriew, a male fighter who lost a thrilling five-round match to Nong Rose earlier this month. "I wasn't able to fight her strength and big build," Priewpak said.

read more http://www.bangko...r-equality

Redigeret af ADM d. 22-06-2018 15:09

Oprettet af FCK d. 02-08-2017 10:24

UPS en mast midt i vejen nå skidt vi kører bare uden om ((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 02-01-2019 02:55

Oprettet af skipper d. 06-08-2017 13:08

Det ligner jsh71 ;)

Redigeret af skipper d. 06-08-2017 13:09

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 11-08-2017 14:47

Bangkok exotic meat restaurant busted for serving protected snake, pangolin, turtle

Bangkok exotic meat restaurant busted for serving protected snake, pangolin, turtle

Bangkok police busted a Chinese restaurant yesterday that serves exotic animal meat after learning that protected species of snakes and turtles were also on the menu.

Twenty officers from the “Wild Hawk” task force of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department detained seven people working at Luang Toto restaurant, which caters mainly to Chinese tourists, in the Wang Thong Lang area. As they entered the eatery, there were two plates of cobra meat ready to be served and they found, behind the restaurant, a room where the animals were butchered.

A further search of the premises revealed nine bottles of liquor containing snake heads, the body of a pangolin, 90 grams of pangolin scales, 21 soft-shelled Thai turtles, a yellow-headed temple turtle, and four rat snakes, reported Bangkok Post.

The rat snake, pangolin, and turtles are protected animals. While cobras aren’t protected, Thai law says it is illegal to cage them, and it’s assumed that the snakes at the restaurant were caged before they were butchered.

Restaurant manager Chamu Sae-Yi, 66, and six staff members from Myanmar are being held.

Chamu was charged with violations of the 1992 Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act. If found guilty, he could receive a four-year prison sentence and/or a fine of up to THB40,000.

The staff members have not yet been charges, but they have been detained, and police are checking to see if they have permission to work in Thailand.

Source: Coconuts

Redigeret af ADM d. 02-01-2019 02:55

Oprettet af IT d. 15-08-2017 07:09

-Battery-operated LED eyelashes that flash in various colours are the latest clubber-inspired fad, and despite health concerns officials say they are legal.


Redigeret af ADM d. 02-01-2019 02:55

Oprettet af ribe d. 19-08-2017 10:39

he he den kører jo endnu:TUP

Oprettet af peter99 d. 23-08-2017 11:32

go hund :SAR

Redigeret af ADM d. 02-01-2019 02:56

Oprettet af M55 d. 04-09-2017 12:41

ingen strøm, NO problem, om lidt er juicen klar((11((

Oprettet af tiny d. 13-09-2017 12:42

7/11 har det hele og de har altid åben ((7)) 11 har det hele undtagen lukket.jpg

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:04

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 21-09-2017 13:55

total vandvid:o

Stupidity Kills

The idiot with the blue plastic pipe sticking out from the back of the pickup killed the biker with their stupidity.

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:05

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 26-09-2017 09:38

Knob shaped corn dogs cause ‘moral outrage’ in Bangkok

A woman who makes penis-shaped waffles stuffed with sausage and cheese is experiencing brisk sales – and a public scolding – for her phallic food.

read more http://bangkokjac...e-bangkok/

Redigeret af Je suis Charlie d. 26-09-2017 09:40

Oprettet af ribe d. 09-10-2017 12:08

De dejlige venlige Thai piger er altid klar til at hjælpe en farang ((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:05

Oprettet af Kent d. 14-10-2017 07:57

ribe skrev:
De dejlige venlige Thai piger er altid klar til at hjælpe en farang ((7))

selvfølgelig er de søde pige da klar til at hjælpe, hvor der er en stakles falang der har brug for hjælp

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:05

Oprettet af alene d. 21-10-2017 07:20

[quote]Je suis Charlie skrev:
total vandvid:o

Stupidity Kills

The idiot with the blue plastic pipe sticking out from the back of the pickup killed the biker with their stupidity.

Politiet kan og laste en bil på den rigtige måde:TUP

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:06

Oprettet af tiny d. 22-10-2017 06:05

Nogle Thai mænd lever livet farligt, især når de er gift og bruger løs af husholdnings pengene ((7))

Oprettet af Kent d. 06-11-2017 07:04

denne reklame må ikke vises i Thai TV((7))

Oprettet af M55 d. 13-11-2017 01:07

hun lyver lidt ((7)) nå hvad falanger tror på den lille pige som er så sød og dejlig og elsker ham overalt på denne jord

Redigeret af ADM d. 19-12-2017 07:46

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 19-11-2017 01:30

Police suggest sudden death of Norwegian could be due to cold weather in Thailand

Police in Uttaradit told reporters that they think a Norwegian pensioner staying with a Thai woman might have died of the cold.

Arne Larsen, 68, was found in bed dressed only in his underpants.

His local Tha Pla girlfriend had popped out for a few hours to sell stuff at the local market.

When she returned home rigor mortis had already set in.

Mr Larsen's body has been sent for a full autopsy to Phitsanulok to find out why he died.

Tha Pla cops said that he had met a girl local to the area while in Pattaya and the two had kept in touch when he went back to Oslo.

When he returned to Thailand he could not find her in Pattaya and contacted her in Utaradit before travelling to meet her.

The local cops conjectured that Mr Larsen had died from the cold, reported ONB News.


Oprettet af alene d. 23-11-2017 04:39

den fattige Somtam sælger er ikke så fattig endda((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:07

Oprettet af elmet d. 26-11-2017 01:52

Total skøre unge mennesker eller hvad

Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 10-12-2017 09:45

så er det abekatte tid pas på her kommer vi ((7)) filmet i the Phra Prang Sam Yod temple in Lopburi

Oprettet af Casper d. 10-12-2017 13:41

Elmer55 skrev:
så er det abekatte tid pas på her kommer vi ((7)) filmet i the Phra Prang Sam Yod temple in Lopburi

Midt i folkefest: Skræmte aber overrender gaden efter brag
Der var abefest i gaden i Thailand under Fars dag.

Store flokke af dyr i bevægelse er ofte et vildt syn. Om det er horder af gnuer på savannen eller store klynger af insekter, ser det altid lige dele fascinerende og uhyggeligt ud.

Men midt i fejringen af Fars dag i Thailand var det alligevel et anderledes syn, der ramte forbipasserende i Lopburi nordøst for Bangkok. I byen er der tradition for at fejre dagen med et stort fyrværkeri-show, men begejstringen for det stort-anlagte show blev ikke delt af alle.

I midten af byen ligger der således et tempel med navnet Phra Prang Sam Yod - men normalt bliver det blot kaldt 'Abetemplet'. Det bliver det, fordi store klynger af aber holder til nær det, og da fyrværkeriet gik amok blev netop de skræmt fra vid og sans og stoppede al trafik.

Oprettet af FCK d. 19-12-2017 07:43

Oprettet af ove d. 24-12-2017 13:46

kun i Thailand finder du to ens((1jj((

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:07

Oprettet af M55 d. 27-12-2017 09:50

Brutal skade: Thai-bokser fik smadret panden
Av. Den skade må gøre nas. Thai-bokseren Jeremy kan ikke andet end have den ondeste hovedpine i disse dage.

Mandag aften var han i kamp på Patong Stadium, og undervejs fik han en albue i hovedet, så thai-bokseren fik et hovedbrud og slået panden ind. Efterfølgende har hans træner Jonny Betts lagt dette billede ud af Jeremys hoved:

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:08

Oprettet af M55 d. 28-12-2017 09:11

pas på el ledninger de er livs farlige

Oprettet af nick d. 02-01-2018 09:11

Han har husket Hjelmen((8((

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:08

Oprettet af yindee d. 14-01-2018 06:18

hvem vil du helst fanges af ((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:08

Oprettet af FCK d. 20-01-2018 12:50

en hver bar piges drømme gave

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:09

Oprettet af tinner d. 21-01-2018 08:17

hun keder sig og venter på, at hendes fremtidige mand skal komme ind i baren, til de ølpriser, kommer hun til at vente længe ((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:09

Oprettet af skipper d. 21-01-2018 12:49

Det er noget der holder cheap charlierne fra døren, så er det bedre at vente til en af de fede rotter går i fælden:SAR

Oprettet af masa d. 29-01-2018 08:30

overvægt eller ej thaierne kan bare det der overbelastede vogn.jpg

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:09

Oprettet af thai d. 04-02-2018 01:16

Superstitious monks were afraid to knock down a decades old tree - so just built a new block of toilets around it at the Wat Pho Bang Khla temple in Chachoengsao, Thailand.

Oprettet af IT d. 11-02-2018 09:13

måske skulle jeg kører min gamle spand til vask ((4)) hvis jeg må for fruen i huset ((8((

Oprettet af kro90 d. 16-02-2018 21:15

Utroligt som de viger uden om. Det er da utroligt at ingen blander sig, men OK i flok er de jo nok bedst, det ser vi jo dagligt her når der er tale om de etniske grupper der kommer til Danmark, eller når der er fodbold kampe. Folk i flok, folk der kun går efter at skade ofret mest muligt. Møder du dem face to face er de pisse bange. Har set det mange gange i Thailand, mange folk står og glor, ingen hjælper folk i nød. Føj for hel..d.

Oprettet af yindee d. 17-02-2018 02:08

kro90 skrev:
Utroligt som de viger uden om. Det er da utroligt at ingen blander sig, men OK i flok er de jo nok bedst, det ser vi jo dagligt her når der er tale om de etniske grupper der kommer til Danmark, eller når der er fodbold kampe. Folk i flok, folk der kun går efter at skade ofret mest muligt. Møder du dem face to face er de pisse bange. Har set det mange gange i Thailand, mange folk står og glor, ingen hjælper folk i nød. Føj for hel..d.

jeg forstår godt at folk viger udenom, de unge mennesker er tit og ofte bevæbnet enten med lange knive eller skydevåben, i dette tilfælde påstod de at de havde en pistol med i lommen, fakta eller ej, som civil borger bør man ikke blande sig, selv politiet eller militæret er godt bevæbnet når de skal rydde op

Oprettet af skipper d. 17-02-2018 17:55

Hvis politiet allerede ved hvem der har bestilt, og har betalt for overfaldet, så burde det vel ikke være så svært at finde gerningsmændene, der beskrives som 8 såkaldte thailandske "mænd" mod een kvinde.
Hvis det nu havde været en stor velvoksen farangkvinde, så skulle de nok været 16 små thailandske bøsserøve om at jorde hende((5))

Oprettet af thai d. 26-02-2018 07:11

A cat used up one of its nine lives when Napatcharasin Kaenyuk allowed rescuers to demolish part of a wall in her house in Hat Yai district, Songkhla, to save its life.

Oprettet af masa d. 02-03-2018 02:14

kun i TH

Oprettet af masa d. 03-03-2018 08:32

Gone In 15 Seconds

There’s no messing about with these boys during morning rush hour.

A question before you hit play – how many boats does it take to clear the pier of waiting passengers?

Oprettet af skipper d. 03-03-2018 14:34

Med den fart de har på, så er de nok på vej hjem((5))

Oprettet af Q8 d. 05-03-2018 02:32

skipper skrev:
Med den fart de har på, så er de nok på vej hjem((5))

kommer de med er der andre muligheder for transport ((11((

Oprettet af Kent d. 24-03-2018 03:36

Ingen adgang, hvad gør vi nu, lille du :VI adgang.JPG

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:10

Oprettet af Tulle d. 27-03-2018 03:19

Man arrested over torching of 10 vehicles in Chon Buri

A man believed to have mental health issues has been arrested for allegedly setting fire to 10 vehicles in Chon Buri’s Phanthong district early on Monday.

Police said the man allegedly poured gasoline on, and lit fire to, 10 vehicles from nine owners parking on roads at eight spots in the district’s Tambon Nong Kasa and Tambon Nong Tamlueng.


Oprettet af M55 d. 03-04-2018 11:00

Machete drawn, shots fired - Wild West Thailand on full display

Teens ran for cover as a man with a machete brandished a machete and shots were heard during a street fight caught on video.

The footage was posted on the the Facebook page of "Mobile Wan Chiang Klang" with the tagline:

"Welcome to Chiang Klang. Full of motorcycle gangs and knives!"

kilde https://www.thair...nt/1245479

Oprettet af Hans d. 11-04-2018 11:57

Selvbetjenings Atm((8(( Atm.jpg((8((

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:10

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 26-04-2018 06:04

her er et foto af hvad falanger kan få på tallerkenen, når de bestiller falang morgen mad i Thailand


Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:10

Oprettet af bebe d. 10-05-2018 13:53

Turister får blomster og søde smil med på turen ((134(( er blomsterne mon lige så falske som smilet ((6))

Oprettet af ove d. 20-05-2018 10:29

det er overlæs så det batter

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:11

Oprettet af bebe d. 22-05-2018 03:04

De rige bliver rigere, de fattige betaler gildet :o


Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:11

Oprettet af per1234 d. 23-05-2018 03:16

Det er nok det lokale flytte firma, det kunne også være den nye autocamp de lux

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:11

Oprettet af per1234 d. 27-05-2018 00:34

man skyder da fisk ((11((

Oprettet af yindee d. 28-05-2018 12:49

#ThailandOnly: Koh Samui road safety campaign sends out the wrong message

ja det er jo vigtig, husk hjelmen ((7)) så er alt ok((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:12

Oprettet af hassel d. 30-05-2018 09:06

A police officer directing traffic outside a school in Nakhon Nayok impresses pupils, parents and bewildered motorists with his creative costumes:TUP
læs mere herhttps://www.bangk...nts-pupils

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:12

Oprettet af farang d. 19-06-2018 07:54

The sign said: "With ice 2 baht, empty cup 2 baht".

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:13

Oprettet af yindee d. 23-06-2018 05:55

der sker uheld hverdag i trafikken, når det sker skal man være høflig og det er de så sandelig i denne video

Oprettet af thai d. 17-07-2018 10:43

Drag Racing !!! Thai Style

Only in thailand you can see a farm tractor like this with kubota engine race with a Mitsubishi diesel pickup truck!

Oprettet af bille d. 28-07-2018 00:41

Redigeret af bille d. 28-07-2018 01:02

Oprettet af M55 d. 07-08-2018 04:35

utroligt hvad man kan købe i Thailand, den kommer nok fra China.

Jo mere jeg kigger på videoen, jo mere bliver jeg overbevist om at mobilen hænger i en tynd tråd.

Der følger nok tynd line og en fiskestang med "dronen"((7))

Redigeret af M55 d. 07-08-2018 04:38

Oprettet af Tulle d. 16-08-2018 08:13

Inches from DEATH: Couple have a lucky escape as four tonne cylinder slips from crane and smashes straight onto their car


Oprettet af masa d. 17-08-2018 06:21

nu til noget helt andet nemlig flotte fotos fra et tempel, det er også Thainess på den positive måde

Artwork for all ages
The Pariwas Ratchasongkram temple on Rama III Road is home to plaster sculptures ranging from cartoons superheros to deities and other characters decorated around the temple’s ubosot.

se flere foto her: https://www.bangk...r-all-ages

Redigeret af ADM d. 25-11-2019 08:47

Oprettet af McBarfine d. 18-08-2018 01:56

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:13

Oprettet af Kent d. 18-08-2018 04:29

McBarfine skrev:

hun går direkte efter pengene den gamle, ingen penge ingen kærlighed, selv om den nye mand har en fed pension på 20.000 baht pr mdr. er det ikke nok

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:14

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 23-08-2018 07:56

bare en almindelig dag i trafikken på thailands veje

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:14

Oprettet af Kent d. 28-08-2018 13:40

Thailand backpacker smashed over head with bottle during fight
CCTV in Koh Phangan, Thailand, shows a fight break out between two Thai men and two women at the notorious Full Moon party, ended with one of the men hitting a woman over the head with a bottle.

read more http://www.dailym...fight.html

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:18

Oprettet af masa d. 13-09-2018 04:00

kan det nu også passe ((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:14

Oprettet af morten d. 20-09-2018 13:44

Det er nu dejligt, for de thailandske butikker har nogle rigtig fine tilbud, her er en af dem((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 16-01-2019 14:15

Oprettet af IT d. 25-09-2018 09:00

Hvorfor slæber fjolset sin kone med på go-go bar. Han beder jo selv om det. De er dejligt frække disse go-go piger. Jeg er helt vild med dem, og de koster jo ikke bondegård.((4))

Oprettet af Tulle d. 08-10-2018 07:42

bare rolig venner og veninder, posten er på vej :TUP 12.jpg

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-12-2018 02:01

Oprettet af ribe d. 17-10-2018 05:45

når musene er ude er katten klar @PAS PÅ PENGENE ((4))

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-12-2018 02:00

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 07-11-2018 05:47

det er utroligt at et voksen person, en lærer, opfører sig på den måde

Oprettet af IT d. 17-11-2018 12:50

hvad monstro lejen er, nok ikke helt billig((7))

Luxury villa for rent. villa for rent..jpg

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-12-2018 02:00

Oprettet af werner d. 22-11-2018 13:05

jeg giner endnu ((7)) kun i Thailand

Oprettet af IT d. 23-11-2018 00:52

A man tricks a policeman to escape from a prison cell, by pretending he was trapped in the room with a snake.

Play-acting prisoner Anan Komolwanit, 23, was arrested and held in custody in Ayutthaya, Thailand, on Sunday night (November 18) after allegedly being found with dozens of methamphetamine pills.

The next evening the suspect began screaming and called for help, shouting to the on-duty officer Commander Ratchada Supawong, that a deadly cobra had slithered through the bars.

The hapless cop made three visits to the cell without seeing the mystery serpent. He even had a stick with him ready to hit the snake.

But on the fourth trip, after giving the suspect a clip round the ear, the cop looked again deeper in the cell. While he was searching, Anan moved slowly behind the officer then crept through the open cell door - slamming it behind him, locking it and leaving the officer trapped inside.

CCTV shows how Anan sprinted out of the station before another bungling policeman who was in pursuit then stumbled on a step.

More than 200 police and volunteers began searching for the fugitive who was later arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning hiding under a banana tree.

Lieutenant Colonel Wasuthep Konglon from the Sena district police station, where the escape happened, said the suspect was caught after he approached a member of the public asking for help.

The suspect has now been remanded in custody for a second time and faces charges of ''escaping the detention of police officials'' as well as the initial drugs charges.

Redigeret af IT d. 23-11-2018 00:53

Oprettet af IT d. 24-11-2018 06:59

overlæs, hvem mig, aldrig i livet ((7))

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-12-2018 02:03

Oprettet af IT d. 28-11-2018 09:03

Er dit toilet ikke 100 prosendt har Thaierne et par løsninger

bygge om til farang toilet

husk toilet døren skal passes til

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-12-2018 02:03

Oprettet af IT d. 30-11-2018 17:05

Dagens video

Oprettet af IT d. 03-12-2018 13:23

velbekomme så er det grill fest ((11((

efter middagen skal man på det lille hus du kan vælge

det thailandske((11((

eller det danske((6))

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-12-2018 02:04

Oprettet af per1234 d. 10-12-2018 04:39

et godt tilbud ((4))

Redigeret af per1234 d. 10-12-2018 04:41

Oprettet af IT d. 27-12-2018 04:40

For Thai Customers Only" - Common in Bangkok? (new Icon Siam mall)

husk det nu

Redigeret af IT d. 27-12-2018 04:41

Oprettet af Hans d. 06-01-2019 09:36

UPS den gik ikke en gangbro er nok ikke beregnet til Taxi kørsel

A bungling taxi driver's car had to be rescued after he tried to drive across a wooden footbridge and it slipped off the edge. Yasuchin Supapipat, 75, was trying to collect a passenger from the homes opposite the canal in Chachoengsao, Thailand, yesterday (02/02) afternoon. He edged his way across the walkway but the taxi's wheels slipped - leaving the vehicle hanging perilously close to the water.

Oprettet af IT d. 10-01-2019 06:24

Det er nu dejlig at få en gave fra den lokale guld forretning som elsker politiet over alt ((4))

Good as gold! Thai cops get flak for accepting 20K necklaces from shop owner

Sanook said that comment online fell into two distinct camps.

Camp #1 asked if that was even legal. Under article 103 wasn't it illegal for employees of the state to accept gifts over 3,000 baht in value?, they asked.

Camp #2 said it was not a bribe, merely a gift to encourage officers to continue doing a good job.

Redigeret af ADM d. 10-01-2019 08:48

Oprettet af thai d. 12-01-2019 05:01

Ja hvad gør man ikke, for en skilling til en blind.

Oprettet af palle d. 20-01-2019 14:37

Kan det nu også passe ø((

Oprettet af thai d. 05-02-2019 10:09

Frail grandmother with Alzheimer's is rescued after being found CHAINED to a door frame to stop her wandering away in Thailand. An 83-year-old woman with dementia has been rescued from her own family, after neighbours found her chained to a doorway in in Chachoengsao, Thailand.

An 83-year-old woman with dementia has been rescued from her own family, after neighbours found her chained to a doorway in in Chachoengsao, Thailand.

The woman, known only as Grandma Chuam, had been locked up by the ankles by her step-sister to stop her from wandering off and getting lost.

The abuse was discovered when the step-sister asked a neighbour to go and check on Grandma Chuam, and found her in pain with the rusty chain digging into her leg.

Neighbour Chang Neung was shocked to find the frail woman such a state, and fetched a circular saw to free her.

Video footage shows the elderly woman sat on the concrete ground, bleeding from her leg where the rusty metal has cut through her skin.

Authorities arrived and questioned Chuam and her step-sister Wimol, 65, over the apparent cruelty, but the latter explained that they had done it out of worry for the elderly woman's safety.

As Chuam lived alone with no children to look after her, it had fallen on Wimol, who lived nearby, to care for her.

The stepsister told authorities that Chaum had been suffering from Alzheimer's and has wandered away several times previously.

She was worried her sister would be injured and that the family had recently found her sitting alone in a rice field during rain storms.

Local officials treated the pensioner to a hamper with food and medical supplies while pledging to monitor her.

District chief Thitirat Sangngam said: 'This is a sad situation for Grandma Chuam and we will provide assistance.

'The local government funds can be used to secure the house to prevent the lady from walking away and putting herself at risk.

'Staff and volunteers will continue to ensure she is safe.'

Redigeret af ADM d. 09-03-2019 10:31

Oprettet af IT d. 12-02-2019 03:21

Der så meget der ikke er lovligt i Thailand men det går nok, man gør det bare alligevel((11((

Redigeret af IT d. 12-02-2019 03:21

Oprettet af IT d. 18-02-2019 10:22

velkommen til de store bedrag ((11((

Buying Fake iPhone & Samsung Smartphones in Bangkok Shopping Mall

Just why you would want to by a fake phone I don’t know but here’s a guide from
Keyframe5 Thailand for those who want to save a few notes.

Redigeret af IT d. 18-02-2019 10:26

Oprettet af skipper d. 18-02-2019 16:17

The land of fakes((7))

Oprettet af up2you d. 19-02-2019 07:40

skipper skrev:
The land of fakes((7))

Tilføj gerne Scams. LOS= Land of Scams.


Oprettet af alenejensen d. 26-02-2019 10:57

Kun i Thailand ((7))


Redigeret af alenejensen d. 26-02-2019 10:58

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 27-02-2019 05:30

Oprettet af per1234 d. 25-03-2019 06:28

utroligt, hvad der lige sker her

Redigeret af per1234 d. 25-03-2019 06:28

Oprettet af per1234 d. 27-03-2019 08:33

Redigeret af per1234 d. 27-03-2019 08:33

Oprettet af thai d. 07-04-2019 07:47

en MC kan bruges til mangt og meget

Oprettet af M55 d. 08-06-2019 18:23

Elephant FREED After 85 Years in Chains

Imagine living your entire life in chains and fear, and then being rescued and brought to this elephant haven. Elephant Nature Park has given these two elephants a second chance at life.

Oprettet af IT d. 26-06-2019 13:21

hvad kan man sige, boller fra koberg ((7))

Oprettet af yindee d. 18-07-2019 18:04

Velkommen til en verden helt for sig selv, Isaan

Redigeret af yindee d. 18-07-2019 18:04

Oprettet af Kent d. 15-08-2019 11:50

Snyd vil ikke blive tolereret((7))

Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 30-08-2019 12:14

The Thai government have declared that wearing clothing featuring the logo of alcohol manufacturers violates the ban on alcoholic beverage advertising.

Anybody caught apparently endorsing booze or cigarette brands can now expect to receive fines of up to HALF A MILLION BAHT.

read more

;) ;) ;)

Oprettet af thai d. 12-09-2019 15:35

This is the amusing moment a wedding convoy rode to the reception packed into dozens of motorcycle side trailers.

The bizarre wedding parade was seen in Songkhla, southern Thailand, last Saturday (07/09) morning.

The innovative groom Anan Rebenmud, 43, was sitting on the first sidecar of the procession followed by the another 26 that carried his relatives.

They all travelled together from the groom's house to home of the bride's family where the ceremony was conducted.

Oprettet af eneber d. 29-09-2019 09:50

Napping baby elephant brings smiles to netizens

The video of a baby elephant taking a nap in a national park has won the hearts of thousands of netizens

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 25-11-2019 08:43

Letpåklædte servitricer straffet
Fire servitricer blev anholdt og straffet med bøde for deres arbejdspåklædning

De fire servitricer i en alder mellem 24 og 34 år var alle blevet ansat til at hive flere kunder i biksen på Paikanyai bar i Bangkok, hvilket lykkedes over al forventning, skriver nyhedsbureauet Newsflare.

Således havde de en travl aften fredag 15. november, hvor gæster strømmede ind på baren med den letpåklædte betjening.

Visse lokale mente dog, at servitricernes arbejdstøj var upassende, og det lokale politi dukkede derfor op på et uanmeldt besøg torsdag 20. november, hvor de fire servitricer samt stedets ejer blev taget med til afhøring.

- Vi så video og billeder af skønhederne på arbejde i restauranten, og blev enige om, at det ikke var en passende måde at klæde sig på i offentligheden.

- Da vi besøgte stedet, var pigerne der ikke, men vi havde nok bevis til at gå videre med anholdelse. De erkendte deres forkerte opførsel og accepterede bøderne, fortæller politiinspektør Alongkorn Sirisongkram om politiet indgriben.

Både stedets ejer og servitricerne blev tildelt en bøde på 2000 baht, svarende til omtrent 450 danske kroner.

De fire servitricer tjente ifølge eget udsagn 2500 baht på en to timers vagt mellem 21 og 23, hvor salget af drikkevarer steg betydeligt.

se mere her

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 26-11-2019 18:08

Grufuldt fund i død hjort

En hjort er fundet død i Thailand med syv kilo plastikposer og andet skrald i maven.

Det oplyser en kilde fra myndighederne, som samtidig advarer om skrald, der flyder i landets vand- og skovarealer.

Det sydasiatiske land er en af verdens største forbrugere af plastik, da thailændere ifølge nyhedsbureauet AFP gennemsnitligt bruger op mod 3000 engangsplastikposer hvert år.

Plastposerne kan være til at pakke street food ind, til takeaway-kaffe eller til at bære indkøb fra supermarkeder.

Ifølge kilder fra myndighederne blev den tiårige hjort fundet død i en nationalpark i Nan-provinsen - omkring 630 kilometer nord fra hovedstaden Bangkok.

En obduktion har afsløret 'plastikposer i maven, hvilket er en af årsagerne til dens død', fortæller Kriangsak Thanompun, der er chef for det beskyttede område i Khun Sathan National Park.

Poserne i hjorten indeholdt kaffegrums, indpakning til kopnudler, skrald, håndklæder og undertøj ifølge billeder fra nationalparken.
Det samlede plastikfund på en vægt, der dokumenterer mængden.

læs mere her: https://ekstrabla...rt/7889691

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 29-11-2019 09:30

Kreative studerende i Thailand har måske skabt løsningen til at reducere antallet af trafikulykker ved fodgængerovergange.

Her har man uden for Wat Bueng Thong Lang skole i udkanten af Bangkok malet zebrastriberne på fodgængerfeltet, så de fremstår hævet over jorden. Det skulle få flere bilister til at stoppe op og tænke sig om en ekstra gang.

Når fodgængere går over vejen, ligner det således, at de går på planker over jorden.

læs mere her: [url] https://ekstrabla...2977[/url]

Oprettet af thai d. 08-12-2019 08:46

49-årige Piak Rawutchu kørte tirsdag i høj hastighed på den thailandske motorvej, da han pludselig faldt i søvn bag rattet og derfor ikke bremsede, da trafikken foran ham var gået i stedet.

Det endte i en voldsom ulykke, da lastbilen bankede op i den bagerste bil og videre ind i flere andre biler.

En dashcam-optagelse afslører den skrækindjagende episode,

- Jeg kørte fragten (marmelade, red.) fra Udon Thani til Laos, men jeg faldt i søvn og så ikke, at bilerne foran mig satte farten ned, så jeg ramte dem, siger chaufføren om ulykken, der fandt sted på motorvejen i Nong Khai i det nordøstlige Thailand.

Seks biler blev ødelagt og fem personer led skade, men heldigvis blev ingen alvorligt såret.

læs mere her: https://ekstrabla...ej/7903975

Redigeret af thai d. 08-12-2019 08:46

Oprettet af Hans d. 17-12-2019 12:41

A Thai movie star renowned for her stunning looks was found in the gutter in Sri Racha begging for handouts.

Gone were Tai Manatsanan’s beautiful long locks – they were replaced by a skinhead cut.

Sanook said Amarin TV found her by a motorcycle taxi rank in the Chonburi town.

She was begging.

Oprettet af Hans d. 18-12-2019 11:45

Police arrested paroled serial killer Somkid Pumpuang on a Surin-Bangkok train at Pak Chong station on Wednesday morning, for the murder of a woman in Khon Kaen province.

Police found Somkid, 55, asleep and sitting alone next to a window. He was wearing a cap, his lower faced covered by a mask, and had covered himself with a jacket.

According to Thai media reports he was identified and reported to police by two students, who noticed a mark on his forehead and compared it with police photos using their phones.

Police said Somkid bought a ticket at Buri Ram train station. He did not resist arrest. Police confirmed they received a call and a video clip of Somkid from a train passenger.

Somkid, dubbed "Jack the Ripper of Thailand", is suspected of murdering Ratsami Mulichan, 51, at her house in Khon Kaen on Sunday. The dead woman's son said had earlier told him her new lover was a lawyer and they got to know each other via Facebook.

Police believe Ratsami was Somkid's sixth victim. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering five women in 2005. They were singers and masseuses. He was arrested in the same year.

Somkid was paroled and let free on May 17 this year. The Corrections Department said he was a "model prisoner".

Redigeret af ADM d. 22-03-2020 08:59

Oprettet af IT d. 26-12-2019 09:16

Hvem kigger ikke på dejlige damer((11(( er det mon starten på den store umulige kærlighed,,,171102_n.jpg

Redigeret af IT d. 26-12-2019 09:17

Oprettet af IT d. 04-01-2020 10:30

‘Low Tech’ Builders On The Job

A group of shirtless and barefooted builders were spotted on Sukhumvit Soi 22 showing off their method of sinking concrete posts into the ground – balancing on a plank and jumping up and down.

A group of shirtless and barefooted builders show off their method of sinking concrete posts into the ground - balancing on a plank and jumping up and down. The lads were seen carrying out construction work at a posh private school on the Sukhumvit Road area of Bangkok, Thailand, on December 29. Seven of them balanced on the concrete post like a see-saw before jumping on it with all their weight to force it into the ground.

''It wasn't exactly high-tech,'' said the onlooker who filmed them. ''But it did get the job done. They must have saved money by doing it like that instead of hiring machinery.''

Oprettet af IT d. 12-01-2020 11:14

A tire taxi driver takes a nap - sprawled across the boot of his car. The exhausted cabbie was seen relaxing on the busy Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, Thailand, on Saturday (Jan 4) night.

The filmer said: ''The guy was so still, that at first I thought he had a problem. Then he started moving and I realised he was just having a kip. This was one of the busiest, nosiest parts of Thailand. He looked like he could sleep through an earthquake.''

Redigeret af IT d. 12-01-2020 11:14

Oprettet af Tulle d. 19-01-2020 10:04

Farmer Grows Pink Rice Plants

A young farmer was delighted after spending three years to successfully grow pink rice plants.

Agriculture graduate Chaturong Chompusa, 31, quit his office job to help on his family’s farm in Phitsanulok, northeastern Thailand.

He bought Riceberry seeds from Kanchanaburi province in 2013 but in 2016 there was a pink mutation, which caused the normally-green rice plant stems to turn pink.

Oprettet af AK81 d. 04-02-2020 09:49

Hvad er klokken i Thailand :VI


det nye thailandske ur ((11((

Oprettet af bille d. 06-02-2020 10:51

Stray Dogs Attack Parked Car

A woman shopping at a local market was shocked when she returned to find the front bumper torn off her car and wires hanging out everywhere.

Thinking is was teenage vandals, she asked a local shop keeper with CCTV but there was no need to check the footage as he’d seen a pack of wild dogs attack her car.

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 06-03-2020 08:31

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-03-2020 16:35

Oprettet af tiny d. 17-03-2020 16:31

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a “Better Together” video to cheer up the world during the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Oprettet af tinner d. 22-03-2020 08:54

kø kultur ((5))

A stray dog waits patiently to receive food from a canteen on a university campus in Maha Sarakham, north eastern Thailand.

Footage from March 6 was taken by collage student, Suchanya Luecha, while she and her group of friends were eating their lunch.

The video shows the mutt is staring at the food server before one kindhearted student gives it snack, while another dog was waiting in the queue.

Suchanya said: "The dog has been taken well care by food sellers on campus. Everyone loves him and feeds him every time he asks for food."

Oprettet af farang d. 28-03-2020 08:58

Husk at holde afstand i disse tider, Se denne munk har styr på tingene

Redigeret af farang d. 28-03-2020 09:03

Oprettet af farang d. 03-04-2020 13:38

Sådan !! 1-2 meters afstand klarer vi da nemt :TUP

Oprettet af thai d. 09-04-2020 08:23

Thais Hang Holy Basil Outside Homes To 'Stop Covid-19'

Residents in a village in Thailand are hanging pieces of holy basil outside their homes to protect them from Covid-19.

Footage from Thursday (April 2) afternoon shows locals in Khon Kaen, northeast Thailand, collecting the herbs and hanging them on properties and gates.

The sub-district deputy governor Surasith Nanrueng said this is a traditional method that people in the area have used for hundreds of years when diseases are spreading.

Oprettet af thai d. 10-04-2020 09:08

Redigeret af thai d. 10-04-2020 09:08

Oprettet af thai d. 12-04-2020 12:47

Wat Pho Nimit in Thon Buri district of Bangkok is one of the many temples offering help to people facing a crisis because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Oprettet af emil d. 16-04-2020 11:00


With Thai Airways flights grounded until the end of May, staff and crew members
have plenty of time on their hands and have made good use of their free time to
send out this positive message with a Thai twist.

Oprettet af Tulle d. 21-04-2020 16:51

Inside A Government Covid-19 Quarantine Facility

Thailand is requiring all returning citizens to undergo 14-day quarantine as the country tries to stem the spread of Covid-19 infections.

Charles Dharapak recently finished mandatory isolation after he returned from abroad, and shared his experience staying at a temporary quarantine facility at the Royal Thai Air Force Flight Training School in Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom.

Scenes from a Thai government Covid-19 quarantine facility: barracks living, but great Thai food

Oprettet af IT d. 03-05-2020 14:35

Så blev der åbnet for alkoholsalget igenø((

Kamp til den sidste kasse. Palle tømt på under 1 minut....ø((

Redigeret af IT d. 03-05-2020 14:36

Oprettet af skipper d. 03-05-2020 16:54


Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 14-05-2020 10:28

Pandaer skal hjælpe folk med at holde afstand

På restauranten 'Maison Saigon' i Bangkok i Thailand har man valgt at tage pandaer i brug for at sikre, at folk holder afstand.

Der er dog ikke tale om levende pandaer - men bamser.

Bamserne er blevet placeret på udvalgte stole i restauranten, så folk ikke kan sidde for tæt.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 16-05-2020 17:52

Opfindsom hjælp til rygere...made in Thailand

Oprettet af Hans d. 04-06-2020 15:01

No more touching: Thai mall installs foot pedals in elevators

No more touching in the elevators as a Thai shopping mall in Bangkok installed foot pedals for customers to step on instead of pressing the buttons, lowering the risk of having to be exposed to germs

Oprettet af thai d. 13-06-2020 10:24

If you are travelling to Bangkok, Thailand, taking the time to learn about the culture is very important and appreciated by the locals. By watching this video, you are on the right track to understanding Thai Culture!

We are here to give you the most important Do’s and don’ts in Thailand.

In this video we explain you 10 do's and don'ts for when you are visiting Thailand! These cultural tips will get you started when you just arrive in Thailand or your trip to Asia.

Redigeret af thai d. 13-06-2020 10:25

Oprettet af thai d. 17-06-2020 14:14

Superstitious Thai Woman Has 5ft Long Dreadlocked Hair

A superstitious Thai woman's hair has matted into one enormous dreadlock after she refused to cut or wash it for more than 20 years,

Jiam Srisuk, 57, from Trang, southern Thailand said her hair has started to twill together naturally when she reached her thirties.

Locals told her that cutting or washing her dark brown locks would bring bad luck, so she let them grow naturally into dreadlocks.

Footage from Tuesday (02/06) shows her with her 5ft long deadlocked hair reaching down the ground.

She said she was amazed how long it grew and never dared to cut it as neighbours suggested it would cause a bad event.

Oprettet af bebe d. 18-07-2020 08:36

It’s now a CRIME for Thai students to wear short skirts

In the latest bid to save girls from sexual violence by blaming their attire, amendments to the Child Protection Act pushed by the Education Ministry have made it illegal for students to dress “inappropriately.”

What had been left to school administrators to obsess over skirt lengths and blouse tightness has now been codified into law. Though the specific legal language published Friday was vague, the amendment seems to only target female students, who are routinely admonished for pushing – or outright ignoring – dresscode boundaries.

kilde https://bangkokja...rt-skirts/

Redigeret af ADM d. 19-05-2024 19:32

Oprettet af thai d. 23-07-2020 09:11

Stuck Elephant Rescued From Jungle Reservoir

This is the heart warming moment a stranded elephant struggling to breathe was rescued after falling into a jungle reservoir.

Locals who were harvesting crops heard the animal crying desperately for help in Chachoengsao, Thailand, on Monday morning (July 13).

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 30-07-2020 07:36

Jathuporn tager til Thailand med tusindvis af skattekroner

Jathuporn Madsen Pratummet har boet i Danmark, siden vi vandt europamesterskabet i fodbold i 1992. Men det er snart slut med det. Hun vil tilbage til Thailand, og den danske stat kommer til at betale omkring 200.000 kroner til hende i flytteudgifter.

Jathuporn søger nemlig den danske stat om den såkaldte repatrieringsstøtte. En ordning, der normalt anvendes til flygtninge fra lande som Syrien, Libyen eller Irak, der skal hjem og genopbygge deres land.

»Jeg vil gerne hjem og passe mine forældre. De er blevet gamle og har brug for min hjælp,« siger 52-årige Jathuporn, som har elsket at bo i Danmark, siden hun altså kom hertil i 1992.

Jathuporn er ikke den eneste. Cirka 140 andre herboende thailandske borgere har fået penge på samme måde for at rejse hjem. Støtten beløber sig til mellem 100.000 og 225.000 kroner pr. person.

læs mere her:

Redigeret af Je suis Charlie d. 30-07-2020 07:36

Oprettet af elmet d. 21-08-2020 17:56

Low-Tech Builders Jump On Beam To Sink Post

Amusing footage shows six Thai builders jumping on a plank to sink a concrete post into the water.

The bizarre 'low-tech' construction method was used by workers strengthening a floating river house in Phichit province, Thailand on August 10.

Oprettet af anti d. 30-08-2020 14:55

Skøn ferie bolig((7))

Redigeret af anti d. 30-08-2020 14:56

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 10-09-2020 17:57

Siraphop Masukarat fik noget af et chok, da han forleden satte sig på toilettet.

For pludselig blev han ramt af en voldsom smerte i sin penis. Et nærstudie af genitalierne afslørede, at en pytonslange havde bidt sig grundigt fast i hans manddom.

- Jeg havde kun lige sat mig ned, da jeg følte smerten, beretter den 18-årige ungersvend, som bor 20 kilometer nord for Bangkok.

Slangen havde kæberne helt rundt om hovedet på hans penis.

Det lykkedes Siraphop at få vristet 'slangerne' fra hinanden.

Blod over det hele
- Der var blod over det hele. Selv om der var tale om en lille slange, så var dens bid ganske kraftigt.

Den unge mand blev sendt på hospitalet, hvor den ædle del blev lappet sammen med tre sting og behandlet med antibiotika for at forhindre infektioner fra slangens tænder.

Professionelle kræfter blev hidkaldt. De fik halet slangen op af toilettet og fragtet dyret ud i en nærliggende skov. Til alt held for den unge mand, var der ikke tale om en giftslange.

læs mere her

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 13-09-2020 12:09

Oprettet af thai d. 12-10-2020 09:27

En thailandsk kvinde kravlede tre meter op til loftet i sin celle på en politistation. Der blev hun hængende i 30 minutter.

Ifølge politiets egen tv-station kravlede den 37-årige Ploypatcha Sukpansila op ad tremmerne i cellen på politistationen i Din Daeng-distriktet i Bangkok.

Her stod hun på toppen af cellens tremmer i omkring en halv time, mens politiet forsøgte at berolige hende.

Til sidst blev betjentene nødt til at kravle op efter hende, men hun nægtede at tale med efterforskerne.

Politiet fortæller, at kvinden kravlede op på grund af stress.

Læs nærmere om sagen på:

»Kvinde kravlede op til celleloftet og blev siddende (BT)
»Woman climbs to cell ceiling after gun arrest (Bangkok Post)

Oprettet af nej d. 19-10-2020 16:16

Her er forklaringen på, hvorfor så mange thailandske kvinder rejser til Vesten for at søge lykken enten som prostituerede eller som billig arbejdskraft på f.eks. fiskefabrikker. Billederne forestiller to huse fra samme landsby i det nordøstlige Thailand:

Træhuset er opført i landsbyens traditionelle byggestil af fattige bønder, mens familien, der har opført gasbetonhuset med smedejernsgitteret, har en datter, der arbejder i Storbritannien.

Oprettet af Kent d. 26-10-2020 14:34

vi kører en tur ud i det blå i vores nye autocamper ((7))

Redigeret af Kent d. 26-10-2020 14:34

Oprettet af IT d. 29-11-2020 14:50

A taxi driver has covered the inside his car with hundreds of banknotes and coins from around the world.

The man said he has collected the currency from different tourists he has picked up over the years in Thailand.

He places the coins and paper notes on the ceiling and sides of inside his cab. The collection of money includes cash from his home country of Thailand, as well as China, America, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Myanmar (Burma) and the Middle East, including Iran, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

The video shows him driving along the Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok.

Oprettet af Hans d. 08-12-2020 12:16

Uha der er langt ned eller højt op, Up 2 you

Redigeret af ADM d. 14-12-2020 17:46

Oprettet af Hans d. 10-12-2020 09:54

The Miss Thailand contestants were visiting the Pang Bao Beach Cafe & Restaurant in Chiang Mai on Monday as part of a promotional tour when they were asked to stand on the rope bridge for some snaps.

Once they were all lined up the rope bridge suddenly snapped sending them all into the lagoon below.

Three of the women were hurt from the fall and treated for minor injuries.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 12-12-2020 17:24

Department of Disease Control (DDC) har erklæret, at alle provinser i Thailand er fri for COVID-19, og at der ikke længere er behov for karantæner efter intern rejse.

The Department of Disease Control (DDC) has declared that all provinces in Thailand are free of COVID-19 and there is no longer any need for quarantines after internal travel.

DDC Director-General Dr Opas Karnkawinpong said the department has tested 4,469 people in the 7 provinces where newly infected persons travelled and found that only 2 from a high-risk group had contracted the virus.

He said all those who came into contact with the patients have been contained, so the outbreak will go no further and those provinces are now safe.

kilde: »NNT- National News Bureau of Thailand

Oprettet af elmet d. 22-12-2020 18:05

Han har prøver masser af genoplivningsforsøg gennem sin 26 år lange karriere. Men aldrig for har Mana Srivate prøvet det på en elefant.

Det fik thailænderen lov til sent søndag aften, mens han ovenikøbet havde fri.

Han fik med succes genoplivet en elefantunge, der var blevet ramt af en motorcykel, mens den krydsede en landevej sammen med en gruppe vilde elefanter. Det skriver Reuters.

I en video, der gik viralt mandag, kan man se Mana give elefanten hjertemassage, mens hans kolleger få meter borte hjalp den sårede motorcyklist i den sydøstlige provins Chanthaburi.

Efter omkrig ti minutters massage stod elefanten igen på fire fødder, groggy men fattet blev den ført lidt bort for at få mere hjælp.

læs mere her:

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 30-12-2020 11:22

As sea waters slowly rise around his temple and his neighbours flee inland, Thai abbot Somnuek Atipanyo refuses to budge and is today a symbol of the fight to restore the country's fast-eroding coastlines.

Redigeret af ADM d. 27-11-2021 10:08

Oprettet af alenejensen d. 02-01-2021 16:51

Thousands of beautiful sunflowers in full bloom attracted visitors at a park in Thailand. The bright yellow flowers produced a stunning golden carpet covering the grass at the Rot Fai Park in the capital Bangkok. Footage shows park-goers enjoying the tall rows of yellow more than 30,000 flowers while taking selfies with friends and relatives. Visitors with allergies were still able to enjoy the view of the flowers, which are the pollen-less Vincent's Choice variety. Different varieties of colourful Zinnias and rice paddies cultivated by locals have also been planted throughout the half-hectare public park. Apart from the blooms, a pond located in the middle of the park is covered with lotuses which can be admired from a small walking bridge. The sunflowers are expected to be in full bloom until December mid-December.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 28-01-2021 13:33

An sweet pet goose lives outside a shop on a busy city street in Bangkok. The bird, named Max, can be found waddling around the pavement and looking curiously at passers-by.

He lives with his owner on the Sukhumvit Road area of the Thai capital and every day he's let outside while wearing a collar and leash to ensure he's safe.

The bird has become a well-known figure in the community, with many ex-pats and tourists recognising his presence. The bird ever stops to nuzzle some of the people who walk by the shop.

Redigeret af Je suis Charlie d. 28-01-2021 13:34

Oprettet af IT d. 31-01-2021 13:44

Valentine’s Day Special?

Hvad er meningen med en chokolade aromatiseret kondom?((7))

Mænd får ikke en blow iført en regnfrakke, gør de?((1((

Redigeret af IT d. 31-01-2021 13:47

Oprettet af eneber d. 09-02-2021 07:59

Kun i smilets land ((11((

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 10-02-2021 17:59

Lying in a coffin for good luck
People can mark the New Year by doing several things, including lying in coffins at a temple to rid them of bad luck. -

Redigeret af peter greersen d. 10-02-2021 18:00

Oprettet af thai d. 14-02-2021 18:16

Florists worked through the night to fulfil orders for flowers on Valentine's Day in Bangkok. Footage shows a store on the Sukhumvit Road area of the Thai capital in the early hours of the morning on February 14.

They were preparing hundreds of bouquets of roses that had been ordered and needed delivering at sunrise. Despite being a Buddhist country, Saint Valentine's Day, or the Feast of Saint Valentine, with its Christian origins has become a popular annual tradition.

Oprettet af Kent d. 21-02-2021 09:00

til orientering hvis nu du skulle få brug for det viden, der er i videoen ((5))

Oprettet af anti d. 04-03-2021 09:56

sådan er livet i trafikken:o

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Thailandsk militærlæge gav falsk coronavaccine

En thailandsk militærlæge er på flugt. Han flygter fra militæret, fordi han er blevet afsløret i at give falske vacciner mod covid-19 til de fredsbevarende tropper fra FN i Sydsudan.

I virkeligheden var det vand, han hævdede beskyttede mod coronasmitte. Han sprøjtede vaccinen ind i 273 soldater, og han krævede 20 dollar i betaling for den falske vaccination. Det svarer til 124 danske kroner. I alt har han tjent over 30.000 danske kroner på sin svindel.

Det fik tirsdag den thailandske hær til at indkalde til pressemøde, hvor det blev fastslået, at hærens image var blevet ramt af løjtnantens aktion.

»Denne handling besudler Thailands hærs image, og det berører Thailand i FNs missioner. Det er en alvorlig disciplinær forbrydelse, og det overtræder samtidig de etiske standarder, da overtræderen jo er en læge,« siger generalløjtnant Santipong Thammapiya, der er hærens talsmand i denne sag.

Santipong Thammapiya kunne også afsløre. at lægen bliver beskyldt for at have bedraget sine overordnede. Han fik dem til at tro, at det var en højerestående læge, der beordrede vaccinationen.

Lægen er forsvundet, efter han er blevet sendt tilbage til Thailand. Han bliver smidt ud af hæren, når det lykkes dem at fange ham, siger Santipong Thammapiya.

Ekslægen er after al sandsynlighed stadig på flugt. Hans forældre siger i hvert fald, at han ikke er kommet hjem.

kilde [url]

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Wat Arun in Bangkok will be going green as part of Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening initiative that transforms hundreds of world-famous landmarks emerald on St Patrick’s Day.

The “Temple of Dawn”, one of Thailand’s most spectacular and oldest temples, will be lit up green between 7pm and 11pm on Wednesday 17th March.

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sjov lille video

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Racekatte brugt til pengevask i Thailand

Seks racekatte er blevet konfiskeret fra en thailandsk narkobande, fordi de er under mistanke for at blive brugt til at vaske penge fra narkohandlen.

Sådan lyder det fra politiet, selvom dyrerettighedsorganisationer protesterer mod en plan om at bortauktionere dem.

Blandt de seks katte er fem af racen Scottish Fold – de har hængeører og er ikke anerkendt som en race i Danmark – og en er en Bengalkat, en relativt ny race, der er opstået i USA i 1980erne.

Da der er tale om levende dyr, vil kattene blive solgt på en auktion, mens sagen kører, oplyser politiet.

I Thailand har sagen vakt stort postyr på de sociale medier. Det, at de seks katte skal bortauktioneres, er genstand for megen snak.

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husk at hilse pænt ((6)) når du er i byen for at spise ((5))

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Poor Fella Missed The Show

It was snooze time not show time for this fella and no matter what the coyotes did to try and bring him to life, it wasn’t working.

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Cats seized in drug raid auctioned to feline fanatic

Six cats seized by Thai police during a drug raid were sold to a woman who runs a Facebook page followed by 3 million cat lovers who helped her raise the winning bid of $3,186 at an auction.

Oprettet af IT d. 03-05-2021 10:35

Hvorfor ikke, udnyt det du har ((7))

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 05-05-2021 09:16

Delivery man carries 40 trays of EGGS on the back of his scooter
A talented delivery man can carry 40 trays of eggs on the back of his scooter – to get the products on time to his demanding customers.

Footage shows the worker balancing the dairy products on the back seat through a market in Chonburi province, eastern Thailand.

The man in the video Watchara Chomkhun, 41, has been taking the eggs from their shop and delivering them to vendors in the market for more than a decade.

Watchara said even when the trays are stacked 6ft above his head, he has never dropped a single egg in his entire career.

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mon der er plads til en sæk eller to mere ((6))

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Det er ikke helt så nemt at få lokket thaierne til selv at tilmelde sig vaccinationer.

Distriktet Mae Chaem i Chiang Mai provinsen udlodder fra næste måned en levende ung ko hver uge blandt dem som er blevet færdigvaccinerede.

Ordningen vil vare i 24 uger.

Med blot 43.000 indbyggere i distriktet er der rimelig god vinderchance per familie.

Indbyggerne elsker køerne fordi de kan sælges for penge. Værdien skulle være 10.000 baht per stk (2.000 kroner eller en OK månedsløn på landet).

Indbyggerne i distriktet skulle være begejstrede og tilmeldte er steget fra at tælles i hundreder til nu tusinder siger byen.

Andre steder er lignende tiltag med guldsmykker, discount kuponer og endda kontanter der kan vindes.


Oprettet af hassel d. 23-05-2021 10:28

Facts om Thailand.

SMIL - solen skinner næsten hele året også i regntiden, hvor det regner et par dage og opholdsvejr i flere dage og så en byge igen.

Du er ligeglad hvilken måneden, uge, dag og dato det er, når banken har lukket er det Lørdag eller Søndag eller en af mange helligdage, som ingen ved hvorfor man holder og det er ikke sikkert du har fri, der arbejdes hele tiden, uden overtidsbetaling, tillæg eller feriepenge.

Ca. 50 % af færdselsreglerne er selv opfunden de og alle retter sig efter Dem.

Køre Thaierne uden styrthjelm og ikke har penge til at betale bøden er det 20 armbøjninger. Der kan faktisk sidde 5 på en scooter. Undgå at blive sur, vred eller gal, bedre at smile af fejl.

Oprettet af Hans d. 03-06-2021 11:45

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Hvad tænker de mon på ((7))

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These model aeroplanes stuck on solar-powered lampposts in Samut Prakan sparked a sh** storm in Thai news this month. Each one was 90,000 baht - though the local official who ordered them says they were value for money and every penny can be accounted for.

Oprettet af palle d. 26-07-2021 15:13

Ses Kun i Thailand ((7))

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Politibetjente imponerer verden: Her laver de breakdance
En gruppe politibetjente i Thailand er blevet noget nær verdensberømte, efter de fremførte nummeret, du kan se i videoen nedenfor


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Thailand has now bagged two medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – a gold won by Panipak ‘Tennis’ Wongpattanakit in the womens 49kg taekwondo and a bronze won by Sudaporn ‘Taew’ Seesondee in the women’s 60kg boxing.''

How much do Thais get for winning Olympic medal?

Both athletes became Baht millionaires overnight in Tokyo, as Thai medal-winners are awarded prize money from the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF).

The awards are 12 million baht for a gold, 7.2 million baht for a silver and 4.8 million baht for a bronze.

læs mere https://bangkokja...pic-medal/

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Uha Uha, hvordan bliver det mon efter de nye regler ((6))

Thailand issues new guidelines for having sex

Oprettet af elmet d. 17-08-2021 13:58

Tigers were fed frozen chicken 'popsicles' and enticed to splash in a wading pool at a Thai zoo this week as temperatures hit sweltering levels.

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Så fik vi endelig en 7/11. De har alt, undtagen lukket. Kommer snart i din by

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Intet er rigtig intet er forkert.

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Måske er dette falang ness ;)

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36 grader, alt ok kom bare ind.[/quote]

Redigeret af IT d. 07-09-2021 10:02

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Dækskifte, det klarer vi let og elegant((6))

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Lad mig nu se, mon ikke der er lidt lækkert til mig, her på fredags markedet.

Oprettet af pirat d. 28-09-2021 16:47

pas på derude husk , "Ikke alt, hvad der glitter, er guld"

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Thai volunteers on paramotors are flying into flood-affected areas in central Thailand to drop off supplies to residents.

Oprettet af M55 d. 03-10-2021 18:35

Chaopraya Antique Cafe, a famous riverside restaurant in Nonthaburi, has turned the flood crisis into opportunity with “pork surfing”. Whenever a boat passes, the customers have to jump up onto theit seats. It has proved so popular that they are booked out in advance

Oprettet af cart d. 05-10-2021 16:21

Thailandske landmænd bruger tusindvis af ænder i kampen mod skadedyr

Sultne ænder bliver brugt til skadedyrsbekæmpelse i Thailand.

Thailandske landmænd bruger ænder til skadedyrsbekæmpelse frem for sprøjtemidler.

I en video lavet af Global News kan man se, hvordan 10.000 sultne ænder stormer ind på en nyhøstet rismark.

Det er ren win-win situation for alle parter for landmanden sparer på den måde sprøjtemidler, og andeopdrætteren sparer foder.

Metoden har været anvendt længe i Thailand, ifølge tv-stationen.


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When Thai soldiers opened fire on students demonstrating at Thammasat University in Bangkok they killed at least 46 people, effectively ending a brief period of democracy in Thailand.

The brutal killings that took place on 6 October 1976 were quickly swept under the carpet and not investigated by the new military authorities or discussed for many years.

Thongchai Winichakul was one of the student leaders on the campus. He spoke to Witness about the attack that haunts him to this day.

Oprettet af ove d. 14-10-2021 15:17

Thai isolation camp where nobody is sick

Inside the Thai COVID isolation camp at Udon Thani where people have been forced to isolate whilst very few of them appeared to be suffering any sort of illness at all.

Oprettet af natie d. 15-10-2021 10:56

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People gathered at a commemoration activity held at the Oct 14 Memorial at Khok Wua intersection on Ratchadamnoen Avenue in Bangkok to mark the 1973 mass uprising against a military dictatorship

Oprettet af emil d. 28-10-2021 17:30

Amazing Thailand :Even More Amazing

It’s been a long time, and we know you still remember the last time you’ve had a wonderful time in our country. Right now, the wait is almost over, and you know what? Even more amazing experiences are waiting for you in Thailand.

Oprettet af nej d. 31-10-2021 10:27

Two Buddhist monks in Thailand have become social media stars with Facebook livestreams that combine traditional teachings with non-traditional jokes and giggles.

Some of the country's religious conservatives, however, are not so amused.

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Munke på Wat Rai Pa Thammaphimuk i Trat kan finde det en udfordring at koncentrere sig om deres daglige morgenbønner med ankomsten af to frække hvalpe.

Her er et glimt af, hvor kaotisk det var, efter en af munkene lagde et videoklip op på Facebook i onsdags.

Oprettet af harry eker d. 06-11-2021 12:53

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SAMUT PRAKAN: The owner of a prized fighting cock has turned down a record 20 million baht offer for the champion bird, saying she loves the rooster too much to ever part with him. -

Oprettet af IT d. 21-11-2021 10:38

er dette den nye standard uniform for tankpassere((11((

Oprettet af thai d. 25-11-2021 13:00

Vild elefant druknede i en dam

Det kan gå frygtelig galt, hvis man ramler ned i et vandbassin, der er lavet i en frugtplantage. I hvert fald hvis man er en thailandsk vild elefant.

For sådan en blev det dødeligt. Den blev nemlig fundet druknet i en dam i en durian-plantage i det sydlige Thailand, onsdag nat.

Ansatte i skovvæsenet måtte bruge en rendegraver, for at løfte det tunge dyr op af den store dam, Først måtte de dog tømme halvdelen af dammen for vand.

Veterinærer undersøgte torsdag den døde elefant, og de fjernede dens stødtænder, som bliver udstillet i et museum. Munke blev tilkaldt for at udføre en religiøs ceremoni.

Læs og se nærmere på: BT

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Husk det nu hjelm og maske er sagen når du medtager passagerer

Oprettet af hassel d. 05-12-2021 09:40

Lopburi monkey festival returns as tourists come back in Thailand

Thousands of monkeys in Lopburi in central Thailand feasted on two tonnes of fruits and vegetables after the town's Monkey Festival resumed following a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 05-12-2021 11:42

Myanmarsk kvinde reddet fra tvangsarbejde i Bangkoks hus

En kvinde fra Myanmar er blevet reddet fra et hus, hvor hun havde været indespærret til tvangsarbejde i over 13 år, afslørede generaldirektør Trairit Temahiwong i Department of Special Investigation (DSI) søndag.

Dr. Trairit sagde, at hun blev løsladt lørdag, efter at DSI blev informeret af Labor Protection Network (LPN) Foundation om, at kvinden, 26, var blevet tilbageholdt og tvunget til at arbejde i et hus i Soi 11 i Pakamas-boligområdet i Bangkoks Suan Luang distrikt.

Et hold af embedsmænd fra DSI's menneskehandelskontor gik til huset og eskorterede kvinden ud, idet de udøvede deres magt i henhold til paragraf 27(4) i loven om forebyggelse og bekæmpelse af menneskehandel fra 2008.

Dr. Trairit sagde, at kvinden var udmattet og bange. Hun bad myndighederne om straks at tage hende ud af huset.

Ifølge hendes første udsagn havde kvinden været tvunget til at arbejde i huset i over 13 år uden løn. Hun kunne ikke huske præcist, hvilket år hun ankom. Der var tilstrækkelig grund til at tro, at hun havde været offer for tvangsarbejde, sagde han.

Kvinden var blevet anbragt i et genoptræningsforløb. Hun havde modtaget en ordentlig fysisk undersøgelse for at sikre, at hun var klar til at blive interviewet af embedsmænd som krævet af loven om menneskehandel.

kilde: https://www.bangk...gkok-house

Redigeret af Je suis Charlie d. 05-12-2021 11:43

Oprettet af M55 d. 11-12-2021 15:53

Road to nowhere in Thailand

The mysterious asphalted road running to nowhere through a rice field in Maha Chaichana district of the north-eastern province of Yasothon, which has been the subject of an investigation by the local office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) and which locals suspect may be linked to graft, is apparently just an embankment, not a road.


Oprettet af IT d. 12-12-2021 12:42

der er jo snart en 7/11 på alle gade hjørner i Thailand:TUP

Oprettet af IT d. 22-12-2021 11:56

Oprettet af Kent d. 01-01-2022 14:54

2021 New Year Count Down in Koh Phangan

Oprettet af Casper d. 02-01-2022 12:48

Pas på munkene, når de er på druktur kan de blive voldelige ø((

Oprettet af Hans d. 10-01-2022 17:33

Klar til regn tiden, Ingen båd, intet ProblemI like bod No Problem.jpg

Redigeret af Hans d. 10-01-2022 17:34

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 15-01-2022 15:30

People offers fish instead of pigs' heads to local shrine

With pork prices soaring, locals in Chaiyaphum province have decided to present salt-baked fish, instead of the usual pigs’ heads, as an offering at a local shrine in return for good health and fortune.

Oprettet af IT d. 16-01-2022 12:56

vi klare alle former for pakker og leverer over alt :VI

Oprettet af thai d. 19-01-2022 15:33

Hop, skip and splash! Moment skipping woman crashes through wooden jetty and plunges into the river below

Benjarat Puttakhun, 44, was using jump rope at port in Ratchaburi province
She took video in Thailand on January 17 to look at footage afterwards
But a minute into the exercise she fell through the jetty to the water below
Ms Puttakhun had to be rescued by her worried sons who pulled her out.

This is the moment a skipping woman crashed through a wooden jetty and plunged into the river below.

Benjarat Puttakhun, 44, was filming her workout with a speed jump rope at a port in Ratchaburi province, Thailand, on January 17.

But about a minute in, a section of decking suddenly collapsed under the weight of her bouncing and she dropped through the 2ft wide hole.

Footage shows Ms Puttakhun's whole body vanish down the hole as she plunges into the water below.

She clung to the edges of the hole and shouted 'help, help', hoping passersby at the port would rescue her.

The video then shows her worried teenage sons, who had been visiting a nearby Buddhist temple, dashing to her aid.

Afterwards, Ms Puttakhun said: 'I only weigh 50kg so I was shocked when I felt the floor break.

'I did not know the floor was so thin. I want this to be an example for other people doing jump rope workouts.

'You have to be really careful of your surroundings and be aware where you do the exercise especially outdoors where you have limited control of the environment.'

The 44-year-old suffered minor scratches and bruises on her arms and legs which were treated with a first aid kit when she reached home.

The port owner also made Ms Puttakhun pay for the damage to the jetty.

She said: 'I wasn't hurt so I don't mind paying for the floor. I will only do my skipping on solid ground from now on.'

Oprettet af IT d. 20-01-2022 10:59

Luang Ta Bun Chuen is walking barefoot to complete a 1,500-kilometer pilgrimage from Phuket to his home province of Nakhon Phanom.

On Tuesday morning (Jan 11), he arrives in Nakhon Ratchasima. Many people wait by the roadside to receive his blessings.

Oprettet af JohnJ d. 23-01-2022 17:23

Havde han ingen penge til bussen?

Oprettet af Kent d. 25-01-2022 14:41

Det kører bare derud af fin lille forretning uden de store dikkedarer, det var aldrig gået i DK der ville alle myndigheder komme efter dig ((11((

Oprettet af masa d. 26-01-2022 12:28

alle elsker 7 eleven, selv oppe i bjergene findes de, i fine udgaver((7))

Oprettet af thai d. 27-01-2022 12:52

Oprettet af bille d. 05-02-2022 09:27

det nye thailandske ur ((11((

Redigeret af bille d. 05-02-2022 09:28

Oprettet af JohnJ d. 07-02-2022 06:36

Hedunit! Top class pointing at the police station as thief who targeted taxis is fingered!


Ja, giv ham fingeren..!

Oprettet af IT d. 09-02-2022 09:28

kan det nu også passe((7))

Oprettet af thai d. 10-02-2022 10:51

Fiske Restaurant((6))

Oprettet af IT d. 12-02-2022 16:24

Oprettet af M55 d. 15-02-2022 13:46

Efter et videoklip af en ung pige, der stod på ryggen af en motorcykel, gik viralt, blev moderen indkaldt af politiet, der sigtede hende for kørsel uden hjelm og hensynsløs kørsel, der kan skade andre. Hun fik en bøde på 400 baht.

Oprettet af JohnJ d. 15-02-2022 13:48

Fint at træne balance i en tidlig alder, hun kan blive cirkus artist senere.. :SAR

Oprettet af thai d. 16-02-2022 07:35

Ældre kvinde, hvis hjem tidligere var brændt ned i Chonburi, får sit livs største overraskelse på Valentinsdag.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 17-02-2022 19:18

Redigeret af Je suis Charlie d. 17-02-2022 19:21

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 22-02-2022 12:46

Hvorfor falder så mange emigranter ned fra deres altaner i Thailand?



Redigeret af Je suis Charlie d. 22-02-2022 12:47

Oprettet af IT d. 12-03-2022 08:36

Da thailandsk politik er ved at tage endnu en drejning, med næste valg i horisonten, gør den flygtende eks-premierminister Thaksin Shinawatra opsigt ved at love at iscenesætte et comeback.

Thaksin, der blev idømt to års fængsel for den kontroversielle Ratchada-jordkøbsordning, slap fra retten i 2008 efter tidligere at have vendt tilbage.
Det spekuleres bredt i, at hans Pheu Thai-parti vil være en favorit i meningsmålingerne ved næste valg.

Siden etableringen af r03;r03;Thai Rak Thai (TRT) i 2001, har hans partier, på trods af at de endte med at blive opløst, altid stået frem som en stor vinder, da den tycoon, der blev vendt til politikeren, klogt høstede fordelene ved at udnytte alle reglerne i forfatningen.

Blast from the past Thaksin eyes power

Læs mere her:

Oprettet af thai d. 16-03-2022 14:54

Wild elephant with the name of Sidor Noke has been coming out of the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary to find food.

However, the male elephant has been damaging local houses in Prachin Buri and farms along the way.

Recently, Sidor Noke killed a woman who went out to collect vegetables.

The local people have put up signs in Thai language, telling the unruly elephant not to enter their property.

Oprettet af sky d. 19-03-2022 10:46

hvad siger I så, var det noget for jer

Fra Munk til Ladyboy ((9((

Redigeret af ADM d. 26-05-2022 11:45

Oprettet af thai d. 27-03-2022 13:22

Fed reklame jeg drikker Chang frem over, hvad med dig ((6))

You don’t score like this on the Leo, so from now on it’ll be Chang all the way.ø((

Oprettet af harry eker d. 14-04-2022 10:28

fed reklame ((6))

Oprettet af thai d. 15-04-2022 12:46

Thailand vil legaliserer cannabis

I Thailand kører man en benhård narkotikalovgivning, som eftersigende er en af verdens hårdeste. For nylig var der dog nye toner fra ferieparadiset i øst.

Man vil nemlig fjerne cannabis fra listen over narkotika, hvilket kan give en del nye muligheder for anvendelse af planten.

”Mange mennesker kommer her for at få ordnet deres ansigter med plastikkirurgi. Mange mennesker kommer for at lave tandlægearbejde og mundkirurgi og til wellness-retreats. Inden for den sammenhæng vil marihuana kunne blive integreret smukt," siger Carl K Linn, forfatter til et nyhedsbrev om cannabis.

Thailands narkotikanævn annoncerede i januar, at de ville fjerne cannabis, der har et tetrahydrocannabinolniveau (THC) på under 0,2 %, hvilket gør det til det første asiatiske land, der gør det.

Anutin Charnvirakul, sundhedsminister i Thailand, sagde, at når afnoteringen træder i kraft – 120 dage efter offentliggørelsen på Royal Thai Government Gazettes hjemmeside – vil folk være i stand til at dyrke cannabisplanter derhjemme efter at have underrettet deres lokale regering.

Læs nærmere på: https://www.dagen...rm-turisme

Redigeret af ADM d. 17-04-2022 11:17

Oprettet af skipper d. 15-04-2022 13:44

Nu strammer de den, skal vi både blive fulde og skæve, få tømt lommerne og vende hjem med Covid-19 og en dårlig?

Redigeret af skipper d. 15-04-2022 14:24

Oprettet af JohnJ d. 15-04-2022 18:12

Typisk idiotisk thai politiker der kommer ud med den slags gas!

Læs nu det med småt:

"tetrahydrocannabinolniveau (THC) på under 0,2 %"

Det er hverken til at blive vind eller skæv af!

Is 0.2% THC enough to give me high?


Oprettet af masa d. 01-05-2022 14:11

Modigt søskendepar på kanten af Thailands censur
Medierne i Thailand er underlagt streng censur af militærstyret. Men et skørt satire-program slipper af sted med kritik.

læs mere her:

Redigeret af masa d. 01-05-2022 14:12

Oprettet af thai d. 08-05-2022 12:32

The southern performance art nor kaek struggles to survive as unrest and modern entertainment encroach on its audience.

Oprettet af ove d. 12-05-2022 18:14

I mellemtiden i Surin

Hvad tænkte de på?:VI

Åh, vent, lad være med at svare... meningsløst.((7))

Oprettet af thai d. 15-05-2022 08:39

Her er beviset
Blå rør kan bruges til alt.

Oprettet af IT d. 19-05-2022 12:15

Velkommen til vores by fest((7))

Oprettet af bz d. 22-05-2022 08:42

Full time monk, part time barista

A Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai is offering 'flavourful' coffee to visitors. A senior monk at the temple says a person can receive the merit if one drinks and donates.

Oprettet af bz d. 25-05-2022 07:49

Se lige! Traditionen med at drive bøffel
Spændende sjov, ikke så ringe som en racerbil.

Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 26-05-2022 11:10

Iced Thai Milk Tea og Matcha Te er nu i nye pakker .. :o

Redigeret af Elmer55 d. 26-05-2022 11:39

Oprettet af IT d. 28-05-2022 09:36

Sikke en kæmpe bøffel! 🐃 Den er opvokset på en stutterifarm i Roi-Et, Isaan og har en værdi af 4.000.000 THB. #FantastiskThailand

Oprettet af Hans d. 26-06-2022 13:42

ja hvorfor ikke((11((

Oprettet af thai d. 10-07-2022 08:01

En særlig taskforce fra Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) kom ind og arresterede en højtstående turistpolitibetjent og hans medskyldige for angiveligt at have indsamlet beskyttelsespenge fra lokale underholdningsvirksomheder.


Ved videoens to-minutters markering arresterer politibetjente Pol Snr Sgt Maj Phuwamet Hirunwongwaradol og Manus Suksomin parkeringspladsen i CentralPlaza Westgate indkøbscenter, Nonthaburi-provinsen, torsdag aften. (Video: Governing Officer's Law Enforcement Operation Centers Facebook-side)

Redigeret af thai d. 10-07-2022 08:04

Oprettet af IT d. 12-07-2022 10:48

This motorcycle rider is often seen around Chinatown at night carrying his pet duck on the back of his bike.

Here he is in a video at a retro night market near Bangkok’s Ong Ang canal. Shoppers gathered round to take pictures of the unusual pillion passenger and ask the old man questions about the cute pet.


Oprettet af Hans d. 16-07-2022 15:37

To elefanter reddet

Veterinærer og parkbetjente i Thailand reddede torsdag en elefantunge og dens mor i en dramatisk aktion, da de to dyr var styrtet ned i en udgravning.

I silende regn i en dyrepark i den centrale Nakhon Nayok provins fik et redningshold bestående af tre personer meget hurtigt reddet elefanterne, selv om situationen virkede uoverskuelig.

Først styrtede den et år gamle elefantunge ned i udgravningen, hvorfra den udsendte lange klagelyde. Den bestyrtede voksne elefant stillede sig op på stedet for at beskytte ungen, men styrtede ned i udgravningen, da den blev bedøvet.

Derefter blev en kran kørt frem for at løfte den voksne hunelefant fri, men den trak ikke længere vejret, og en arbejdsmand begyndte at give den hjertemassage.

I mens kæmpede en graver for at få elefantungen fri ved at grave jord og mudder væk, så den selv kunne kravle op fra hullet, som den var styrtet ned i.

Da den voksne elefant kom til bevidsthed, forsvandt de to dyr hurtigt ind i et stort buskads i naturpark.

læs mere https://ekstrabla...341063.ece

Oprettet af masa d. 20-07-2022 16:19

The "Thailand Carnival - 2022 Thailand Shopping Festival" is being held in China's Nanning to promote Thai products.

Oprettet af ove d. 23-07-2022 11:16

De fleste thailændere er nu trætte af ansigtsmasker
To masker men ingen hjelm - Den slags tanker hjælper heller ikke meget....

De fleste thailændere foretrækker nu at fjerne deres ansigtsmasker på bestemte steder, ifølge en nylig undersøgelse fra Department of Health Service Support, da Thailand lemper kravene til maskebæring.

læs mere her. https://bangkokja...facemasks/

Oprettet af ana d. 25-07-2022 17:34

Likay, a folk theatre known for its colourful and glittering costumes, loosely fixed storylines and the performers' own improvisation, is not as vibrant as in the past because of new forms of art and entertainment, which are easily accessible, and changing tastes.

Burdened by low revenues and a steep decline in popularity, many Likay troupes have disbanded.

We take a look at the daily life of the Nong Nee troupe, one of the few surviving Likay troupes in Bangkok. The performers are struggling to earn a decent living, but doing all they can to carry on one of Thailand's grandest heritages.

Oprettet af thai d. 26-07-2022 19:20

Renowned national artist and the creator of Wat Rong Khun, Chalermchai Kositpipat, tells how he has to deal with the lack of bathroom etiquette from certain Chinese tourists and his path to become one of the world's greatest artist.

Oprettet af IT d. 31-07-2022 17:17

The man behind the Bangkok Model Railway 2022 exhibition says the replica train is a living hobby.

Oprettet af FCK d. 07-08-2022 16:56

Hun kom fuld hjem kom fuld hjem.jpg

lidt vand hjælper hun bliver nok ædru igen

Oprettet af thai d. 09-08-2022 09:57

Thai woman shoots boyfriend dead

A woman in an abusive relationship said she shot and killed her boyfriend in front of a monk because she couldn’t take any more of his violence.
The 40 year old woman, Tharinya, shot her boyfriend, Supornchai, also 40, several times to the chest and stomach while he was offering food to a monk in front of his shop at Si Moom Mueng Market in Pathum Thani province, near Bangkok.

Read more att: https://bangkokja...iend-dead/

Redigeret af thai d. 09-08-2022 09:57

Oprettet af IT d. 11-08-2022 17:37

A bird cafe in Bangkok lets customers play with exotic pets while drinking coffee. The Happy Bird's Day shop features colourful pet parrots and cockatoos that diners can feed while waiting for their drinks.

Customers can also play with pet ducks and chickens being kept in an outdoor garden next to the cafe. The cafe has an entrance fee of 350 THB (7.75 GBP) per person.

Customers get one drink, a bag of bird food and a polaroid photograph of them with the feathered creatures.

Oprettet af thai d. 23-08-2022 20:47

Beruset prostitueret bed en del af et øre af og slugte det

En 25-årig prostitueret som var beruset af alkohol hoppede på en bus som var standset i et lyskryds i Pattaya. Oppe i bussen bed den 25-årige en del af øret på én af bussens passagerer.

Øredelen valgte den 25-årige efterfølgende at sluge, mens offeret skreg i smerte.

Politiet hjalp med at forbinde offeret og få offeret bragt på hospitalet til videre behandling. Den 25-årige forsøgte at stikke men blev tilbageholdt af politiet og vil blive retsforfulgt.

»Læs nærmere her:Nyheder 24

Oprettet af farang d. 29-08-2022 11:50

All you need to know about the current cannabis situation in Thailand
Everything you need to know about the current cannabis situation in Thailand. What do the new laws mean? What can you do and cannot do? All the answers are here in this video!

Redigeret af farang d. 29-08-2022 11:51

Oprettet af IT d. 13-09-2022 10:08

En politisk aktivist fra Thailand har fået to års fængsel for at fornærme monarkiet.

Det skriver Reuters.

Dommen faldt, fordi aktivisten i protest havde klædt sig ud som dronning Suthida under en demonstration. Noget, der blev tolket som en hån af landets kongehus.

Siden 2010 er mindst 210 mennesker blevet fængslet for at bryde den lov.

I Thailand kan det give op til 15 års fængsel, hvis du fornærmer kongen, dronningen, arvingen eller regenten.

Kilde DR

Redigeret af IT d. 13-09-2022 10:10

Oprettet af palle d. 15-09-2022 08:28

Kvinde rasende over kosmetisk behandling

En thailandsk kvinde betalte 1500 thailandske baht for en kosmetiske behandling på en klinik i Rayong provinsen i det østlige Thailand.

Hun blev dog noget forfærdet, da hun så resultatet, der var tegnet med permanent kosmetisk blæk. Den rasende kunde konfronterede den dårlige tatovør, der angiveligt lovede, at fjerne det igen. Butikken lukkede dog dagen efter og ejerne kunne ikke kontaktes.

Kvinden fik sine øjenbryn tatoveret, men tatovøren havde i stedet for to øjenbryn, givet hende fire øjenbryn.

»Læs og se nærmere her: Nyheder 24

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 11-10-2022 17:44

husk det nu thai massage er ikke helt ufarligt du kan møde gud og hver mand på disse steder((11((

Oprettet af IT d. 19-10-2022 18:22

Kun i Thailand - vær sikker på farten!)¤)((7))

Redigeret af IT d. 21-10-2022 18:55

Oprettet af IT d. 21-10-2022 18:57

Igen, igen Kun i Thailand - Kør sikker på vandet!)SK)

Redigeret af IT d. 21-10-2022 18:57

Oprettet af eneber d. 22-10-2022 15:20

Tusindvis af ænder er blevet sat løs i rismarker i Thailand til en regelmæssig oprydning, der kommer både ænder og landmænd til gode.

Droneoptagelser fangede begivenheden i Nakhon Pathom, cirka en time vest for Bangkok, hvor 10.000 ænder stormede de oversvømmede marker for at fortære skadedyr såsom snegle, der gemmer sig i de nyhøstede risstubbe.
Aftalen befrier farmene for skadedyr – såsom kirsebærsnegle, æblesnegle, ukrudt og andre små skadedyr – samtidig med at den giver en rig kilde til næringsstoffer til vandfuglene.

Oprettet af IT d. 05-11-2022 10:58

Join Natty Warisa in discovering Thailand’s very own plus-size beauty pageant, “Miss Krungthong 2022” held at Krungthong Plaza.

Krungthong Plaza is a wholesale and retail shopping center in Pathumwan area, Bangkok that is known specifically for its plus-size appareal.

On October 27th, 2022, the shopping mall hosted its very first beauty pageant competition for plus-sized people called “Miss Krungthong 2022”. This was the qualifying round where judges would select the top 20 contestants to move on to its final round on November 8th, with the chosen candidate winning 50,000 in cash and a contract to work and promote Krungthong Mall for one year.

Oprettet af Hans d. 16-11-2022 13:28

Thai women named second fattest in Asia:o
The days of skinny Thais are over - Thai women named second fattest in Asia

Thai women are now officially the second fattest group of people in Asia. Only Malaysian women tip the scales worse on average.

Oprettet af jens peter d. 19-11-2022 13:34

Thais hold this amusing boat rowing race to mark the Loy Krathong festival
The funny event happens every year in Nakhon Ratchasima province
Locals paddle furiously to reach the finish line 100 metres away
There are lots of splashes and falls!

Oprettet af nej d. 21-11-2022 14:11

The Biggest Boobs in Thailand? | Tortured Beauty |

Oprettet af FCK d. 23-11-2022 18:04

Thai wife leaves husband and runs off with lover & 6mil lottery prize

Wife returns lottery winnings to cuckold husband but kicks him out of the family home

00:00 Intro
00:23 District in northeast Thailand organising a two-month-long "Christmas Festival".
03:10 MPs 'may resign' if ganja bill stalls
04:26 Thai activists and politicians show support for protesters blinded by rubber bullets
06:40 Row erupts over Thailand's unfair allocation of World Cup games
15:26 A Thai-Italian teen allegedly tries to steal a motorcycle taxi in Pattaya
17:20 Thai wife leaves a husband and runs off with lover & 6mil lottery prize
21:36 Live & Comments

Oprettet af natie d. 01-12-2022 15:29

Monks sent to rehab as failed drug tests leave Thai village temple empty ((7))

No monks are left at a Buddhist temple in Thailand. Four monks, including the abbot, tested positive for methamphetamine drug. All four of them have been defrocked that is stripped from the monk’s rights to exercise the functions of the ordained ministry. Watch why this temple is empty

Redigeret af ADM d. 13-01-2023 12:22

Oprettet af Hans d. 24-12-2022 16:48

Meet Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, a Thai-Australian model and Miss Universe Thailand 2021 who defied Thai beauty standards and campaigned for what she believed in.

By being a strong advocate for body positivity and diversity with her #RealSizeBeauty social movement, Anchilee became a big source of hope for many Thai women and young girls who have felt pressured by the existing beauty ideals for way too long.

She joins us today on the podcast to discuss her experience, opinions, morals, family bonds, love life, and how she was able to overcome adversity and follow her dreams.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about the impact of the current beauty standards and the importance of representation.

Oprettet af alene d. 30-12-2022 10:46

A street food vendor dances while wearing a Spider-woman bodysuit to sell pork ball sticks in Thailand.

Oprettet af IT d. 12-01-2023 13:14

Medarbejdere hos Thailands svar på Fødevarestyrelsen kunne dårligt tro deres egne øjne, da de tirsdag 27. januar kom på besøg på en fødevarefabrik i den nordøstlige provins Nong Khai.

Her stødte man nemlig på en flok ansatte, der brugte munden til at afbene hønsefødder fremfor en tang, skriver blandt andet thailandske Khaosod og Daily Mail.

Da man undersøgte den uhygiejniske behandling nærmere, viste det sig, at de ansatte have fået forbud mod at bruge en tang til afbening, da det ifølge fabrikkens ejer går 'fem gange hurtigere', når man bruger munden.

Kyllingefødder er en populær spise i det sydøstlige Asien, og guvernør i Nong Khai-provinsen Ronnachai Jitwiset frygter nu, at den uappetitlige afbeningsmetode er vidt udbredt. Derfor har han nu iværksat en undersøgelse af andre fabrikker i området.

- Man kan få utallige bakterier ind i munden, eller de kan spredes fra munden til kyllingefødderne, og vi kan ikke risikere at ansatte eller kunder bliver syge, siger guvernøren, der oplyser, at der ellers ikke var noget at kritisere under kontrolbesøget.

- Vi kiggede rundt på fabrikken, og der var rent og ryddeligt, men vi har beordret dem til at holde op med at bruge munden til at behandle maden med.

Et spørgsmål om tid og kvalitet
Ifølge fabrikkens ejer, 31-årige Nongluck Payakphrom, drejer det sig ikke kun at spare tid, men også om at levere et kvalitetsprodukt til kunderne.

- Da jeg først åbnede min forretning, brugte vi tang til at afbene hønsefødderne med, men det tog fem minutter pr fod, hvilket er for lang tid, og kunderne kunne ikke lide slutproduktet, fortæller fabriksejeren, som dog er lydhør overfor en ændring af metoderne på fabrikken.

- Fabrikken er lukket, indtil de ansatte kan bruge tang til at behandle fødderne lige så godt, som når de bruger munden, lyder det fra Nongluck Payakphrom

Kyllingefødder bliver for det meste kogt og brugt i nudelsupper eller stegt i olie og serveret som snack.

kilde: https://ekstrabla...en/7987493

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 13-01-2023 12:18

Master of pig cutting.
Chance to watch 29 years of pig cutting skills with sharp knife!
See you in Bangkok, Thailand.

Oprettet af IT d. 17-01-2023 09:51

Skal der være Fest((66t54(( ok vi tænder op i grillen ((7))

Oprettet af jens peter d. 20-01-2023 15:40

Oprettet af jens peter d. 28-01-2023 12:16

de er skøre de thaier :o

læs mere her

Oprettet af thai d. 29-01-2023 13:24

Drive in i Thailand.((7))

intet er umuligt i 7 eleven((7))

Oprettet af eneber d. 02-02-2023 17:55

Rystende optagelser er dukket op, der viser en elefant, der bliver stukket med bambusspyd som en form for straf for dårlig opførsel.

Ude af stand til at kontrollere det ophidsede dyr, brugte de grusomme ejere en brutal metode for at 'knække' elefanten og for at dræbe dens ånd og gøre den mindre aggressiv.

Foruroligende video viser det nødstedte dyr tæske rundt i et forsøg på at befri sig selv, da gruppen af r03;r03;skrigende mænd stak og skubbede det med ondskabsfulde 15 fod lange bambusspyd

kilde https://bangkokja...-thailand/

Oprettet af eneber d. 07-02-2023 11:03

He He kan det nu også passe ((11(( at der er Skipper som ikke vil med hjem ((4))

Oprettet af IT d. 12-02-2023 12:02

Five-year-old Thai twins get MARRIED because their Buddhist parents believe they were lovers in a former life

The young pair were married at home in Nakhon Si Thammarat on Thursday

Their parents believe twins are born together because they have shared 'karma'

They also think it's bad luck not to marry off twins at the earliest opportunity

A Buddhist monk chanted blessings during the siblings' unusual union

read more att [url]

Oprettet af IT d. 14-02-2023 10:35

Lænkede aber plukker kokos

Kidnappet, lænket og pisket. Det er ifølge dyrehjælpsorganisationen Peta historien om de aber, der udgør arbejdskraften i en stor del af den thailandske produktion af kokosmælk.

Aberne bliver kidnappet, når de er små, og bliver holdt i bur og lænke på særlige “abeskoler”, hvor de bliver trænet i at klatre op i kokospalmer og plukke kokosnødder.

En af de kilder, Peta taler med, fortæller, at de farmere, der bruger aberne, ikke har noget andet valg. “Hvordan skal vi kunne kravle derop? Det er virkelig højt”.

Organisationen Peta anbefaler, at man generelt skal undgå at købe kokosmælk fra Thailand, fordi myndighedernes kontrol er mangelfuld.

»Læs nærmere her: 3F Fagbladet

Redigeret af IT d. 14-02-2023 10:36

Oprettet af M55 d. 15-02-2023 09:49

Valentine's Day wedding with gold certificates

Bang Rak District Office organises a special event for couples to have their marriage registered on the occasion of Valentine’s Day at United Center Silom building. Souvenirs were presented to 599 participating couples, some of whom won gold marriage certificates in lucky draws.

Oprettet af nick d. 17-02-2023 10:19

This girls were busy buying Valentine's Day red roses at this flower market in Bangkok this week.

Oprettet af thai d. 20-02-2023 14:01

velkommen til en A Thai sex worker talks about her life, er det noger du kender til, eller er der noget nyt i den samtale

en lille bonus

Oprettet af eneber d. 25-02-2023 14:20

There are over 100 stray cats & dogs near Rawai temple, and Simone Allene feeds every single one, every single day. She's been doing it for well over a decade. This is the story the Rawai Animal Lovers group.

Full article:
Rawai Animals Lovers:

Oprettet af IT d. 26-02-2023 12:23

Panning for gold in Thailand

Bang Saphan, located little over two hours from Hua Hin, is one of the few places in Thailand where you can still pan for gold.
The gold panning takes place in the river that runs through the Ron Thong Subdistrict, and according to locals, the gold found in the area is of the best quality in the country.

Gold panning in Bang Saphan is a popular activity among locals, who see it as a way to supplement their income but it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and those seeking to try new experiences.

The process of gold panning involves sifting through the river sediment with a pan, looking for small particles of gold. It is a labor-intensive process that requires patience and skill, as the gold particles are often very small and can be difficult to spot.

The gold panning process in Bang Saphan is done in a sustainable way, with locals taking care not to damage the environment or disturb the river ecosystem.

They use traditional methods and simple equipment, such as a pan, a shovel, and a sieve. They do not use any harmful chemicals, such as mercury, which is often used in other parts of the world to extract gold.

Gold panning in Bang Saphan is not just a way for locals to make money; it is also a way to preserve their cultural heritage.

Anyone interested in gold panning can contact Bang Saphan Gold Pan Learning Center on 083-3117303 for more information. The centre is located 30 metres from the 7-Eleven at Koh Yai Chim. – Hua Hin Today

read more at: https://bangkokja...-thailand/

There's a gold-rush going on in the hills of northern Thailand! And villagers are scouring a river, hoping to cash in. CCTV's Martin Lowe joined the hopefuls and filed this report.

Akara Mining Limited, is the Thai subsidiary of Australian company, Kingsgate, which operates the Chatree gold mine in central Thailand, 280km north of Bangkok.
Chatree, Thailand's first modern gold mine, commenced operations in November 2001.

Redigeret af IT d. 26-02-2023 12:31

Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 06-03-2023 17:18

Redigeret af Elmer55 d. 06-03-2023 17:19

Oprettet af M55 d. 10-03-2023 09:36

Oprettet af Hans d. 12-03-2023 11:30

Elefant amok på bil
Det var ikke en normal dag på vejene i Thailand i lørdags for flere bilister, der var vidne til et voldsomt syn


Redigeret af ADM d. 12-03-2023 12:25

Oprettet af nej d. 22-03-2023 11:27

Sompong Kaewmorakot has been a salt farmer for over three decades. He shares his thoughts on what it takes to run his farm in Bang Prakong, and his worries about its future

Oprettet af elmet d. 01-04-2023 13:12

Feeling lonely or in need of a travel companion, someone who listens without interrupting, who keeps secrets? A woman who provides a rent-a-friend service says knows what it's like to suffer frequent mood swings. She shares her experience.

Oprettet af tinner d. 14-04-2023 08:58

Scuba diving is a daunting challenge for people in wheelchairs or with visual impairment, but a new project takes them on an underwater journey where they can realise their potential.

Oprettet af IT d. 18-04-2023 07:55

Oprettet af thai d. 02-05-2023 08:53

At ophæve forbuddet mod sexlegetøj ville være en god måde at styrke økonomien i Thailand. Det mener Det Demokratiske Parti i Thailand, som gør opmærksom på spørgsmålet forud for det kommende valg.

Import af sexhjælpemidler og legetøj er stort set forbudt i Thailand. Alligevel markedsføres og sælges de på gademarkeder.

Demokraterne mener, at både folks sexliv og statskassen ville være bedre stillet ved legalisering.

Ikke alene ville staten være i stand til at opkræve skatter, markedet vil være mere sikkert, hvis det bliver reguleret, som det er i andre lande, siger Demokraternes partileder Rachada Thanadirek ifølge thailandske medier.

Forslaget fremlægges før landets parlamentsvalg den 14. maj. Rapporten refererer også internationale prognoser om, at sexlegetøjsmarkedet vil fortsætte med at vokse kraftigt.

Thailand har en omfattende sexindustri, som giver landet etiske problemer, fordi det tiltrækker besøgende og store indtægter, samtidig med at det involverer en bred sort sektor af menneskehandel og misbrug.

»Kilde:Læs nærmere her:

Redigeret af thai d. 02-05-2023 09:00

Oprettet af masa d. 16-05-2023 12:01

01:25 Sea temple abandoned for 50 years in Pattaya

02:50 Abandoned Buddhist temple nestled deep in Thai forest

03:56 The famous Sathorn ghost tower

05:40 Paper mill which printed bank notes during WWII

06:46 Haunted abandoned brothel in Kanchanaburi

08:25 The infamous aeroplane graveyard in Bangkok

09:25 Luxury apartment block abandoned on Sukhumvit Soi 33

10:45 Upmarket street abandoned after airport opened next door

12:25 Abandoned cinema and apartments in central Bangkok

Oprettet af alene d. 30-05-2023 10:33

Kun i Thailand eller hvad:VI

A Thai man confessed to physically abusing his Thai-British girlfriend, forcing her to eat dog poo and killing her dogs today at a police station in Samut Prakan in central Thailand.

Lawyer Kanthas “Gun Jompalang” Phongphaibookvej accompanied 25-year-old “A” (pseudonym) to Bang Bo Police Station this morning to file three charges against her 24-year-old boyfriend “Fin,” including “assault, imprisonment, and animal abuse.”

se mere her: https://thethaige...g-her-pets

Redigeret af alene d. 30-05-2023 10:34

Oprettet af tiny d. 01-06-2023 13:21

Elephant’s Adorable Way Of ‘Collecting Toll Tax’ From Sugarcane Truck((7))

Oprettet af nej d. 11-06-2023 11:34

45 Reunited after 23 years! Emotional love story of Swedish lady and Thai fisherman on Koh Phi Phi

Oprettet af anti d. 13-06-2023 08:46

endnu en kærligheds((134(( historie ak ja ((7))

I dag følger vi et tokulturelt ægtepar Pon og Carina gennem en dag i deres liv. Carina er en tysk dame, der kom til Thailand for 16 år siden på ferie og derefter tjekkede ind på Pons families resort.

Deres forhold har været gennem op- og nedture gennem årene, men på trods af deres mange forskelligheder lever de et roligt liv sammen med deres to døtre Leila & Sunny, mens de udforsker de ting, de elsker at lave, hver for sig og sammen som at fiske og lave mad, male og være kreative og passe deres ænder.

Oprettet af FCK d. 14-06-2023 18:06

In a heartwarming display of compassion, generous individuals in Thailand have contributed over 1 million baht to assist a four-year-old girl named Toey and her blind grandmother, Sao.

Toey's teacher, Phatcharin "Aoom" Esatee, shared videos on social media showcasing their challenging circumstances, which quickly went viral.

Moved by their struggle, people from all over Thailand opened their hearts and wallets to help the family.

Watch the touching video and witness the incredible impact of kindness in action

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 16-06-2023 15:44

This animal home in Ratchaburi houses hundreds of stray cats and dogs. The Aunt Ae Dog Shelter cares for more than 350 animals. Some of the pets are disabled or have been abandoned by their owners. The owner, Aunt Ae or Duangphen, used to work as a nursing assistant in Hong Kong. Now she has retired she devotes her time to caring for the stray animals like they are her own children.

Oprettet af anti d. 17-06-2023 13:11

Vi er en kærlig familie, der bor i det landlige Thailand. Damo (mig), Ryan (min mand) og Otis (vores søn) bruger vores dage på at passe på jorden og dyrene og nyde hinandens selskab. Det er det enkle liv, og vi elsker at dele det med dig. Velkommen til vores YouTube-kanal! Dagens vlog: Thai Wife.. Rural Thailand Life.. It Looks A Little Something Like This...

Oprettet af thai d. 02-07-2023 16:45

Kvinde mister benet i lufthavn

Den tragiske ulykke skete torsdag i Don Mueang-lufthavnen i den thailandske hovedstad, netop som kvinden skulle til at rejse til Nakorn Sri Thammarat i den sydlige del af landet.

Da kvinden gik ned af det rullende fortov med sin kuffert for at komme hen til sin gate, snublede og falder kvinden pludselig.

Desværre åbnede beskyttelsesdækslet for enden af r03;r03;den bevægelige gangbro og trak den 57-årige kvindes venstre ben ind i enheden.

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Kvinde ikke helt død alligevel

En 49-årige kvinde var gået bort, da hun den 29. juni blev transporteret fra et hospital til sit hjem i Udon Thani-provinsen i Thailand.

Hun blev kørt til Ban Dung-distriktet i en varevogn, da paramedicinerne troede, at hun var stoppet med at trække vejret. Desuden mente de, at det lignede, at hun var død.

Kvindens mor blev naturligvis knust over at høre, at hendes datter var død. Derfor skyndte hun sig at få kontaktet den øvrige familie, for at informere dem om hendes død.

Da kvinden og hendes familie er buddhister, valgte familien at følge traditionen om, at hun hurtigt skulle kremeres.

På vej til templet begyndte kvinden dog at gispe efter vejret og åbne øjnene. Med andre ord, så viste det sig, at kvinden endnu ikke var død.

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Thailandsk fyr endte med bidmærker

En mand besluttede at stikke sjoveren ind i en myretue. Han gjorde det angiveligt, fordi han håbede på, at den ville blive større.

Planen gik dog ikke helt, som han havde håbet på. Ganske kort tid efter, at have stukket sjoveren ind, måtte han igen trække den ud.

I en video, der er gået viralt på sociale medier, ser man derefter manden febrilsk forsøge at børste myrer af den.

Han forsøger sig derefter med at hælde vand på dem, men myrerne har det åbenbart for godt på hans vedhæng. Flere af dem endte med at bide sig fast, hvilket født til 'alvorlig hævelse'.

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A member of staff from a massage parlour in Ratchada prays to the Buddhist shrine while the girls sit in the room behind him. It's a strange contrast that such venues have their devour religious idols in the same building.

I'm sure he's asking Buddha for the customers to return....

Oprettet af FCK d. 18-07-2023 14:26

In a shocking incident, a resident of Chon Buri's Phan Thong district narrowly avoided a dangerous encounter with a massive lizard lurking in his toilet.

Watch as Tiwa Kheawsom shares his heart-pounding experience and reveals how he managed to escape unscathed.

Discover the incredible moment when the lizard finally retreats down the drain, leaving Tiwa counting his lucky stars.

Don't miss this captivating tale of unexpected reptilian visitors!

Oprettet af ana d. 23-07-2023 08:42

Durian stinks so badly that it's banned from hotels and mass transit in parts of Southeast Asia, yet it's regarded by some as a delicacy.

Oprettet af thai d. 25-07-2023 09:40

Hin Song Kon village in Lop Buri province is home to a unique soft-prepared chalk that has been used for centuries in various applications, from medicine to polishing silverware.

However, the production of this chalk is at risk due to several factors, including the economic downturn and lack of government support.

With the current generation aging and no one to continue the tradition, the village is calling for help to preserve this national treasure and keep Lop Buri's slogan alive for generations to come.

Oprettet af thai d. 06-08-2023 09:53

Huge amounts of rice straw are left over after the harvest in Thailand. Farmers often burn it, which is terrible for the environment. A young entrepreneur has found a new use for the material. Turned into paper, it can replace plastic food packaging.

Oprettet af IT d. 10-08-2023 12:29

Viral TikTok sensation captures soldier's daring bomb disposal mission at Phra Viharn border. Warongkorn Sringam, a skilled Military K9 official, dismantles an explosive device in the heart-stopping footage.

His life philosophy amidst danger resonates as he expertly defuses the bomb. Witness the risky endeavor that garnered 5 million views.

Oprettet af egon d. 21-08-2023 08:12

Se, hvordan en munks geniale løsning førte til en automatisk affaldsindsamlingsvogn, der uden besvær holder et 14 hektar stort tempel rent. Bygget af tempelrester og reservedele gik denne kreation viralt på TikTok og tjente over en million visninger. Oplev, hvordan en simpel idé udviklede sig til en støjfri, fredfyldt tempelatmosfære.

Oprettet af IT d. 29-08-2023 13:37

The extreme Thai massage is a traditional Thai massage that uses a long woven cloth or scarf to stretch the muscles.

It is considered to be one of the most painful types of massage, but it can also be very effective in relieving pain and stiffness. The massage starts with the masseuse wrapping the cloth around the joints and muscles that are tight or tense.

Then, they pull both ends of the cloth to apply pressure by stretching. This can be very painful, but it is also very effective in releasing tension and improving flexibility.

The masseuse may also use the cloth to jolt the neck and spine into place. This can be a bit jarring, but it can also be very effective in relieving pain and stiffness.

Oprettet af IT d. 31-08-2023 13:29

Tok Sen is a traditional Thai massage technique that uses a wooden mallet to hit pressure points on the body. It is said to be very effective in relieving pain and stiffness, improving circulation, and promoting flexibility.

The massage starts with the masseuse applying oil to the body. Then, they use the mallet to hit different pressure points on the body.

The pressure and speed of the strokes are adjusted to the individual's needs. If you are looking for a massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and pain-free, Tok Sen may be a good option.

Remember, it is important to do your research and consult with a qualified practitioner before trying this type of massage.

Oprettet af IT d. 01-09-2023 12:47

The Perception Blind Spa is a unique massage parlor in Bangkok that employs blind masseurs and masseuses.

The spa's owners believe that blind people have a unique talent for massage, as they are able to focus on their sense of touch without being distracted by visual stimuli.

The spa offers a variety of massages, including Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, and herbal ball massage. The masseurs at Perception are highly skilled and take their work very seriously.

If you are looking for a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience, try the Perception Blind Spa.

You will be supporting a great cause and you will be helping to change the lives of blind people!

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A young motorcycle rider performs death-defying stunts on a vertical wooden wall without a helmet or safety gear. The rider, known as Khun Top, has been practicing for many years and has never had an accident. The event is held at old fashioned Buddhist temple fairs around Thailand. Khun Top started riding motorcycles when he was a child. He has never had an accident because he concentrates all the time.

Oprettet af Tulle d. 10-09-2023 10:20

While Chonruedee Glamgla was running with a friend, the idea of wearing more than one smartwatch to help others complete their running assignments emerged. Is it cheating or entertainment?

Oprettet af alene d. 17-09-2023 07:29

After a decade as a news reporter Thitaree Kittayanoppaluk moved to the US, which also led to a career change - taking photos of newborn babies. Now, she has returned to Thailand and offers the service to hospitals and happy new parents.

Oprettet af tinner d. 23-09-2023 05:32

Only in Thai*TH*

A Bangkok resident has been hit a hefty fine of 20,000 baht after leaving her car parked in the condo’s parking lot for 20 days.

The unnamed condominium management team explained to the resident, named Jen, that a fine is triggered once a vehicle remains stationary for over 15 days.

This regulation is part of the condo’s rules, which Jen found out about only after receiving the surprisingly high penalty on her return.

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Fire års fængsel til aktivist for at fornærme Thailands konge

Den thailandske aktivist og menneskerettighedsadvokat Arnon Nampa er blevet idømt fire års fængsel for at have sagt, at det thailandske kongehus skal reformeres.

Det oplyser hans advokat, Krisadang Nutcharus.

Arnon Nampa blev i 2020 kendt for at være leder i protester med tusindvis af mennesker, der krævede premierminister Prayut Chan-o-chas' afgang.

Nampa har også demonstreret med landets unge for at afskaffe loven om majestætsfornærmelse - den selvsamme lov, Arnon Nampa er blevet dømt efter.

»Læs nærmere på: Kristeligt Dagblad

Oprettet af FCK d. 27-09-2023 11:15

tiny skrev:
Fire års fængsel til aktivist for at fornærme Thailands konge

Den thailandske aktivist og menneskerettighedsadvokat Arnon Nampa er blevet idømt fire års fængsel for at have sagt, at det thailandske kongehus skal reformeres.

Det oplyser hans advokat, Krisadang Nutcharus.

Arnon Nampa blev i 2020 kendt for at være leder i protester med tusindvis af mennesker, der krævede premierminister Prayut Chan-o-chas' afgang.

Nampa har også demonstreret med landets unge for at afskaffe loven om majestætsfornærmelse - den selvsamme lov, Arnon Nampa er blevet dømt efter.

»Læs nærmere på: Kristeligt Dagblad

A prominent Thai activist and lawyer, known for his brazen calls for reforms in Thailand’s monarchy, received a four-year prison sentence today over charges of royal insults, a verdict confirmed by both the judge and his legal counsel.

Arnon Nampa emerged as a notable figure during the pro-democracy demonstrations in 2020, where the Thai activist publicly advocated for a discourse on the role of the King. This topic has long been considered off-limits in Thai society. Despite insisting on his innocence, the controversial lese majeste law in Thailand, which carries a maximum of 15 years in prison for each perceived insult against the monarchy, has led to his sentencing.

Krisadang Nutcharus, his lawyer, told Reuters that efforts are underway to secure the 39-year-old’s bail

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Old and poor: Thailand sleepwalking towards ageing crisis
Chusri Kaewkhio, 73, lives with her 75-year-old husband Suchart in Bangkok's Klong Toey slum. She has called for the government to provide more support as the cost of living soars.

Unless she lines up in the hot sun for a free meal, ketchup on bread is the only food Thai widow Noi can afford on her small government pension.

Her payout of around 82 US cents a day makes cooking at home near impossible.

"If it's too wet to come, I eat 7-Eleven bread with ketchup," the 73-year-old told AFP at a Bangkok Community Help Foundation meal delivery tent that feeds 500 of the city's homeless and poor daily.

Thailand is one of the world's fastest ageing societies, according to the World Health Organization -- but its economy is ill-prepared.

Research from major lender Kasikorn Bank estimates that by 2029 the kingdom will join a list of super-ageing societies where more than 20% of the population are older than 65.

But Thailand has not reached the same level of wealth as some other ageing societies such as Japan and Germany.

"We've become old before we've become rich," said Kasikorn Bank chief economist Burin Adulwattana.

"We're not ready."

Currently, Thailand is home to more than 12 million over-60s -- around 18% of the population.

Low incomes, limited savings and inadequate government pensions will mean many endure extreme poverty, while fewer taxpayers and a healthcare spending bill expected to triple will be a huge fiscal burden.

- 'Ticking time bomb' -

"It's definitely a ticking time bomb," said Kirida Bhaopichitr from the Thailand Development Research Institute.

Poverty among older adults is already widespread, with 34% of Thai seniors living below the poverty line -- surviving on less than $830 a year, according to Kasikorn.

To retire well in Bangkok at least $100,000 in savings is needed, Mr Burin said, but many Thais are retiring with less than $1,300.

In August, the outgoing government announced it was restricting a previously universal pension of between $16 and $27 a month to low-income earners, cutting off six million people.

PM Srettha Thavisin has vowed to eradicate poverty by 2027 and "leave no one behind".

His party made an election pledge for an $8.1 billion elderly welfare package but the government has not announced any pension boost.

Last month Social Development Minister Warawut Silpa-archa dismissed calls to raise the pension to $81 a month, saying the kingdom could not afford it.

"I wish the government could provide more support because right now the cost of living is skyrocketing," said 73-year-old Chusri Kaewkhio in Bangkok's Khlong Toei slum.

Her 75-year-old husband Suchart Kaewkhio lies on a bed, in an adult diaper, staring up at the peeling paint and water-damaged ceiling but Ms Chusri said they had no money for repairs.

They borrow cash each month to buy expensive milk for her husband's feeding tube and are five months behind on their electricity bills.

There is a cultural expectation in Thailand that adult children will look after their parents as they age.

But economist Burin said this is unsustainable in the long term as the economy grapples with a smaller workforce, lower growth and consumer spending.

- 'The pension is not enough' -

While men work until about 65, Thai women start dropping out of the workforce around 50 to care for ageing parents and in-laws, researcher Kirida noted, adding that there needs to be an increase in affordable elderly daycare centres.

Orn Keawwilat, 57, faces a difficult juggling act -- caring for her sick elderly parents while running a small general store to support her household of 12.

Her bedridden father Arj, 88, recently had a fall trying to get to the bathroom and has lost the ability to speak because of motor neurone disease.

"He has to be hand fed and supervised all the time because sometimes he chokes," Ms Orn told AFP.

Thailand's demographic shift requires major physical and cultural changes and investment.

The labour ministry is considering lifting the retirement age beyond the current 55-60 years old.

A future government may be required to lift the value-added tax from seven to 10% as well as consider taxing wealth and inheritance, Burin said.

Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt is ramping up senior activity centres and health clinics.

But for many, retirement with dignity is a pipe dream.

A former teacher for 30 years, Aew never married, lost her home during the pandemic and now sleeps on seats at the Bang Sue Grand train station.

"The pension is not enough. I also make plastic flowers to sell on the street... But I want a job," the 70-year-old said.


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En mere til samlingen om Thainess((11((

Today I Interview Nam Massage Girl In Hua Hin Thailand, she answers all the questions you have wanted to know.

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In a tragic turn of events in Surat Thani province, southern Thailand, a village headman lost his life in a wild elephant attack. The unfortunate incident occurred on Sunday as the leader attempted to steer a cow elephant and her calf back into the adjacent forest.

Oprettet af AK81 d. 28-10-2023 10:35

A video of a drunk-driving Buddhist monk in an inebriated state, engaging in a traffic altercation, has gone viral online. The monk, driving a sedan, collided with another vehicle after crossing into the wrong lane.

Oprettet af nej d. 02-11-2023 02:00

Halloween revellers in fancy dress outfits converge on the tourist street Khaosan Road in Bangkok, Thailand, on Tuesday October 31.
Pubs and bars on the bustling backpacker Mecca were open until the early hours of the morning to mark the annual American festival.


Crowds of people dress in scary costumes and creepy makeup to celebrate the spooky season on Khao San Road, Bangkok, on Tuesday.
Restaurants and other establishments have also put up decorations to bring out a spine-chilling vibe.

Redigeret af nej d. 02-11-2023 02:05

Oprettet af FCK d. 02-11-2023 18:19

Halloween celebrations at a popular local bar took a spooky turn when a customer, dressed in an unusual Halloween costume, as a ghost with a belly, stunned the crowd. The costume, complete with dark skin and blood effects, proved to be a show-stopper, attracting attention and widespread amusement from the online community.

Oprettet af peter greersen d. 04-11-2023 10:39

lige nede rundt om hjørnet, ligger der er lille spise sted, maden er lækker, kokkepigen er lækker:TUP qq.jpg

Oprettet af peter99 d. 08-11-2023 14:55

The National Office of Buddhism (NOB) sought assistance from the Thai Cyber Police, following the discovery of inappropriate content related to Buddhism on Facebook. The content, generated by artificial intelligence (AI), depicts Buddhist monks engaging in non-religious activities, such as playing musical instruments and racing on motorbikes. These images, deemed damaging to the image of the monastic community, have raised concerns among the Buddhist community.

Oprettet af nej d. 15-11-2023 13:24

)¤) keep left anti is back on the road again)SK)

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

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Pretties: Proud and professional
Product presenters, known as "pretties", highlight the diversity and challenges of their profession, debunking the idea it is solely about looking good or compromising their values.

Oprettet af M55 d. 10-12-2023 16:18

Today's story is a long one and an horrendous one.

This viewer submitted his story that is about his experience marrying a Thai woman and things going bad really fast.

Despite all the warning signs and red flags in his relationship, he still made this woman his Thai wife and took her back to his home country, Australia.

It does not have the fairytale ending and although he had multiple chances of leaving her, he said he wanted to share this story to help anyone else in his position.

So yeah, its a long Thailand story, so sit back, relax, and lets get into it.

I have added a 4K thailand walk to the video, so you can have some nice views while listening to the story.

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 13-12-2023 16:50

A young motorcycle rider performs death-defying stunts on a vertical wooden wall without a helmet or safety gear. The rider, known as Khun Top, has been practicing for many years and has never had an accident. The event is held at old fashioned Buddhist temple fairs around Thailand. Khun Top started riding motorcycles when he was a child. He has never had an accident because he concentrates all the time.

Oprettet af IT d. 19-12-2023 12:17

A Thai man went viral on TikTok for riding a motorcycle 20,000 kilometres for 55 days from the Krabi province in southern Thailand to France.

Visit The Thaiger for the full story here: https://thethaige...-to-france

Oprettet af nej d. 21-12-2023 08:52

Thailand News | Young firefighter steals hearts and extinguishes flames

Meet Peerapat, a six-year-old from Chon Buri, Thailand, who has become a viral sensation after a video of him extinguishing a forest fire alongside adult firefighters surfaced online. With over 2 million views, his bravery and skills have captured the internet's heart. Coming from a family dedicated to firefighting, Peerapat dreams of following in their footsteps and becoming a professional firefighter. Even at his young age, he shows remarkable understanding and passion for the job, training alongside his family during his free time. In other news, a rescue worker's inappropriate behavior towards a junior firefighter during a fire response has sparked criticism online.

Oprettet af FCK d. 03-01-2024 16:26

A Burmese man fell victim to a Thai woman in a romance scam, losing two phones and 20,000 baht in cash. He found himself waiting at a railway station in the southern province of Yala for three days, hoping for the woman’s return.

Visit The Thaiger for the full story here: https://thethaige...-love-scam

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Active learning on Children's Day
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin opened a Ministry of Education activity to mark Children's Day on Saturday. It was based on the concept of active learning anywhere, anytime. (Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong)

Redigeret af thai d. 14-01-2024 14:10

Oprettet af reve d. 19-01-2024 16:25

Welcome to our latest video by The Thaiger, where we dive into Thailand's evolving cannabis scene in 2024! This insightful coverage is not to be missed by anyone interested in the cannabis industry, legal changes, or Thailand’s dynamic approach to this growing sector. 🇹🇭

Oprettet af thai d. 20-01-2024 13:28

Gun experts discuss the misconceptions surrounding BB guns in Thailand and express concerns over the government’s firearms-related measures following a high-profile shooting tragedy.

Oprettet af per1234 d. 25-01-2024 11:00

Intet nyt under solen

Soapy massage tycoon-turned-crusader against corruption Chuvit Kamolvisit says Thailand is corrupt to the core, and the only way to change the culture of dishonesty is to be brave enough to call out corruption and tell the truth, loudly and clearly.

Oprettet af ATM d. 27-01-2024 08:43

Taking archery to mounted heights

Shooting a bow from horseback, maintaining composure and hitting the bullseye? A riding school in Bangkok offers lessons in mounted
archery, which can be challenging for both mind and body.

Oprettet af Tulle d. 30-01-2024 11:54

Oprettet af Tulle d. 31-01-2024 09:13

Neutraliserende ulykker

Folk besøger Wat Boromracha Kanchanapisek Anusorn, et kinesisk tempel almindeligvis som Wat Leng Noei Yi 2, for at deltage i et ritual
for at fjerne uheld fra deres liv og bede om velstand for året. Ritualet er en del af aktiviteter, som traditionelt gennemføres lige efter nytår.
Mange observerer en tradition kaldet kae chong - som betyder "neutraliserende ulykker" - for at sikre held og lykke i de kommende måneder
og undgå pi chong eller det "forbandede år".

Af: Jetjaras Na Ranong

Oprettet af reve d. 01-02-2024 12:38

Police guard rivalry-plagued campus to prevent attacks
Two companies of police, including crowd control units, were deployed to prevent student clashes at Rajamangala University of Technology
Tawan-ok (RMUTTO), Uthenthawai Campus, during activities marking its 90th anniversary on Thursday. (Photos: Somchai Poomlard)

Redigeret af reve d. 01-02-2024 12:38

Oprettet af IT d. 14-02-2024 09:54

Romance fills the dust-filled air of Bangkok on Valentine's Day, as couples find ways to convey their affection, from traditional roses, heart-shaped pillows and big red dolls to the straightforward allure of banknotes and lottery tickets.

Oprettet af IT d. 20-02-2024 08:53

New year, old rituals

Among the many festivities held to celebrate Chinese New Year 2024 on Saturday night was a joss stick ritual. This group walked around
Poh Teck Tung Foundation's Tai Hong Kong shrine on Phlap Phla Chai Road to pay their respects to Chinese deities. (Photos: Nutthawat

Oprettet af IT d. 25-02-2024 09:18

Luck Lock Love on the bridge

Couples as well as singles and families get together on the Rama IX Bridge in Bangkok to join "Luck Lock Love" - a special event to
celebrate the month of love. Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking overlooking view of the Chao Phraya River from the iconic bridge but also a
food fair, street show and live entertainment.

They can also bring their own lock and use it on the bridge to strengthen their love or pay
respect to Buddha's relic for luck. The activities are organised by the Expressway Authority of Thailand to mark the 111th anniversary of the
Transport Ministry.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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Oprettet af IT d. 26-02-2024 11:22

Retinue for relics

A procession transports the relics of the Lord Buddha and his chief disciples - Sariputra and Moggallana - from the National Museum to
the ceremonial pavilion at Sanam Luang.

The parade included flower-festooned vehicles and performances from Thailand, India and various
ethnic groups.

The relics will be displayed at Sanam Luang from today until March 3, before being exhibited in Chiang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani and Krabi.

The relics came from India.

(Photos: Nutthawat Wichieanbut)

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Oprettet af IT d. 29-02-2024 08:48

The Thai army's cadet training program aims to prepare them for strategic military needs, with subjects as diverse as weapons training, leadership skills and the significance of King Rama IX's contributions.

Oprettet af anti d. 06-03-2024 10:02

Childhood is the most memorable time for many people and this is what three artists, Chanathip Chuenbumroong, Napol Isaracheewa and Toon Kaewkerd, turned to find inspiration to create wood carvings displayed at the exhibition "…With A Time Capsule".

Oprettet af anti d. 07-03-2024 10:26

Songkran spectacle

Oprettet af nej d. 09-03-2024 10:17

Rubbery hobby
Meet Kanamol Chuvol, an eraser buff since her academic years. Not being the brightest student meant she made mistakes, and erasers became her indispensable companion. Check out her extensive collection. Many pieces have a unique story.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

Oprettet af Smukke Erik d. 11-03-2024 08:32

The Fine Arts Department organised a masked dance of the Ramakien epic at Wat Chaiwatthanaram in Ayutthaya province on Saturday and Sunday. The ancient Buddhist temple stands in the Historic City of Ayutthaya, a World Heritage site listed by Unesco. (Video: Jetjaras Na Ranong)

Oprettet af bille d. 12-03-2024 12:13

We embark on an expedition to explore the historical richness of the lower northeastern region of Thailand, delving into the connections between the Golden Boy sculpture and the Majapahit Dynasty, while tracing the roots of the Khmer-Hindu civilisation.

Two precious artifacts, the "Golden Boy" statue depicting the Hindu deity Shiva and a kneeling female figure with raised arms, are set to return from the United States to Thailand in a repatriation ceremony scheduled for May this year.

Oprettet af ribe d. 13-03-2024 08:44

Reviving art of Thai gold jewellery
Introducing the heritage of Thai gold jewellery with Tongthanim, a venture dedicated to preserving and revitalising its distinctive artistry and showcasing the skills of Thai artisans.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

Oprettet af ribe d. 14-03-2024 14:15

Ayutthaya celebrates National Elephant Day
The province of Ayutthaya celebrated the annual National Elephant Day at the Elephant Royal Kraal Village on Wednesday (March 13). A merit-making and food-offering ceremony was held to honour these majestic creatures, which are a source of national pride and part of Thailand's cultural and historical identity.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

Oprettet af thai d. 19-03-2024 09:25

Sent i Thai TV

Denmark allows women to be drafted into the military.

Denmark will draft women in the same military draft as men. In response to changes in security strategies in the European region


เดนมาร์กจะเรียกผู้หญิงเกณฑ์ทหารเหมือนกับผู้ชาย เพื่อตอบสนองต่อการเปลี่ยนแปลงยุทธศาสตร์ด้านความมั่นคงในภูมิภาคยุโรป

Oprettet af IT d. 20-03-2024 12:01

Children learn how to ride on balance bikes at the cycling circuit near Suvarnabhumi Airport in Samut Prakan on Sunday. (Photos: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul)

Redigeret af IT d. 20-03-2024 12:02

Oprettet af thai d. 24-03-2024 12:46

Buddhist devotees gather for tattoo blessing ritual

TThousands of Buddhist followers from across the country take part in a ceremony to have their 'sacred' tattoos, often believed to be possessed by animal spirits, re-blessed by Luang Por Sam-ang, the abbot of Wat Bang Phra.

Some devotees became possessed and started acting like their animal spirits during the tattoo re-blessing ceremony.
The religious event was held at this temple in Nakhon Chai Si district of Nakhon Pathom province on Saturday.
By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

Oprettet af IT d. 04-04-2024 13:26

Soaring traditions - Kite Festival 2024
Flying kites used to be a popular activity enjoyed during summer. However, with fewer open spaces this activity has been slowly disappearing. Fortunately, Iconsiam has collaborated with the Ministry of Culture, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Association of Thai and International Kites to organise “Iconsiam Thailand’s Kite Festival 2024”. The event takes place at River Park in Iconsiam, next to the Chao Phraya River. It runs at River Park in Iconsiam until April 8. Admission is free. Full story: https://www.bangk...le/2770084

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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Story of kite maker's life
A kite maker in Bang Phlat talks about his love for kite-flying and memories of watching competitions at Sanam Luang with his father and sharing the skies with his younger brother.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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Colourful elephants join water-splashing fun
Ahead of Songkran, colourfully painted elephants and their mahouts invite the public to celebrate the water splashing festival at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and the Royal Kraal in Ayutthaya province from April 13 to 15, 2024.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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Having a blast

Spectators gather to watch a rocket launching competition at the ‘Look Noo’ festival in tambon Ban Chang of Pathum Thani’s Muang district.

The Mon practice of lighting up funeral pyres with rockets, which was initially meant as a way to honour venerated individuals, has evolved over the years into an amateur rocket-launching competition attended by hundreds of participants from across the country.

Photos: Pongpat Wongyala

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Songkran Goddess shadow play

"The Legend of the Songkran Goddess" performance by Krit Team, led by internationally renowned Thai artist and choreographer Krit Chaisinboon, elevates the ancient art form to contemporary heights. This spectacular performance was showcased at the 17th Shadow Play Festival at Khanon temple in Ratchaburi province on April 13 and 14, 2024.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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The Fine Arts Department early this month brought its Ayutthaya-bound trip participants to see a wide array of artefacts from the Ayutthaya kingdom at the Bangkok National Museum before leaving the capital for the ancient city itself. . (Video: Jetjaras Na Ranong)

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Rubber recycling for sustainable future

A 55-year-old company specialised in recycling tyres discusses the evolution of rubber recycling, innovative processes such as devulcanisation
and its commitment to sustainability.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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Shadow play festival in Ratchaburi

An annual shadow play festival took place at Khanon Temple in Ratchaburi last

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong | Published: 8 May 2024

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Having a blast

Spectators gather to watch a rocket launching competition at the 'Look Noo' festival
in tambon Ban Chang of Pathum Thani's Muang district. The Mon practice of
lighting up funeral pyres with rockets, which was initially meant as a way to
honour venerated individuals, has evolved over the years into an amateur rocket-
launching competition attended by hundreds of participants from across the
country. (Photos: Pongpat Wongyala)

Published: 29 Apr 2024

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Thai mulberry farmers' quest for knowledge in Japan

The Foundation for Community Soul has received funding to carry out the 'Climate Smart Farmer Model for Mulberry Silk Cultivation in Surin Province, Thailand' project.

Supported by the AF-EU-UNDP Innovation Small Grants Aggregator Platform, this initiative stands out as the only Thai project among 23 globally funded endeavours.

As part of this effort, the foundation has arranged for 10 local mulberry farmers to embark on a study tour to the city of Matsumoto, Japan, from April 1 to 5, 2024.

The aim is to gain insights into advanced practices in silk cultivation.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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A journey from moka pot enthusiast to coffee extractor inventor
Join Pongdet Chamdoung on a coffee journey, starting with simple moka pot brews shared with everyone. His discovery of Omkoi coffee inspired him to develop unique roasting methods and equipment.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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Crafting melodies - one guitar at a time

Luthier Treenate Phimjan talks about the art of guitar building and why hand-crafted ones are far superior to those of popular brands.

Currently, she is working on more than 40 orders, which might take about three years to complete.

By: Jetjaras Na Ranong

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Visakha view

A float decked out with images of the Lord Buddha and naga mythical serpents
forms part of a procession to celebrate Visakha Bucha Day on Wednesday at the
Buddha Monthon park in Nakhon Pathom. As one of the most important days for
Buddhists, it commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Lord
Buddha. (Photos: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

Published: 21 May 2024



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Lopburi’s underwear thief finally caught

Lopburi residents can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the notorious monkey, infamous for stealing women’s underwear, has been captured. The mischievous primate caused significant distress in the area, even disrupting local businesses.

The saga began when a frustrated shop owner in Lopburi, known for her suit store, reached breaking point after repeated thefts by the monkey, named Ai Waeng. The monkey had developed a peculiar habit of sneaking into the store and making off with underwear and other intimate apparel.

Despite efforts to deter the monkey with protective grilles, Ai Waeng proved persistent, finding ways to climb over and steal the items while no one was watching. As a result, the shop owner offered a 500 baht reward for the capture of the troublesome thief.

“We couldn’t run our businesses in peace. Every time we turned around, something was missing. It was driving us mad.”

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Filmen tager jer med til et smukt, forladt tempel i Thailand,

Jeg kan ikke beskrive den mystiske og ærefrygtindgydende atmosfære, der hang i luften, da jeg trådte ind i dette gamle tempel. Det var som om tiden havde stået stille, og kun munkens tilstedeværelse holdt stedet i live. Ja, du hørte rigtigt - jeg mødte faktisk en munk, der stadig boede der helt alene!

Vi havde en fantastisk samtale, hvor han delte utrolige historier om klostrets historie og visdommen forbundet med det. Hans ord fik mig virkelig til at reflektere over betydningen af åndelighed og fred.

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Faith and fortune
Mazu Goddess, a Chinese sea goddess, is believed to grant wishes. Hence, people visit the Mazu Shrine (Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine) in Lhong 1919, the historic riverfront area, to pray.

Published: 29 May 2024

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Inspired by Mixed Martial Arts, Thai police plan their own ground-and-pound competition in the ring - to better prepare them for the reality of law enforcement on the streets, where there are no rules.

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A sibling bond
Chittakarn Suvanabhat transforms her autistic brother's travel dreams into vibrant artwork.

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"Kids Are Too Expensive!” How Thailand Became One Of The World's Fastest Aging Countries | Insight

After Singapore, Thailand has the lowest fertility rate in Southeast Asia, making it one of the fastest aging countries in the world. The problem is, Thailand will grow old before it grows rich.

An aging society is typically a predicament affecting developed nations. But Thailand is still developing. So, why is it facing a population crisis ahead of time? How did culture, religion, the economy, policies, and politics drive down the birthrate in the Land of Smiles? The Thai government is changing the laws to encourage more births. Can they reverse the slide? And, faced with a stagnating economy and competition from its younger neighbours, what does it mean for Thailand if it cannot rejuvenate its fertility rate?

Oprettet af ana d. 07-06-2024 14:59

A yantra tattoo master has tapped into the Labubu craze, merging the iconic doll with ancient yantra designs.

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A man who "never fought back in school" developed a grown-up passion for boxing and set up the popular YouTube channel Mr Fight.

What began as friends learning and practising together now features street fights nationwide.

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Quiet whispers

Two women on Saturday whisper a secret wish into the ears of mouse statues at the 'Eat Pray Art with Bro! Ganesha' in the hope they will convey their wish to Lord Ganesha, at MunMun Srinakarin. The mouse is a vehicle of Ganesha. The event ends on Sunday. (Photos: Somchai Poomlard)

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Dyrepasser kvæstet ved sjælden elefantfødsel

En elefantfødsel nord for Bangkok i Thailand endte forleden i dramatiske scener, da en dyrepasser måtte springe til for at hindre, at en nyfødt elefantunge blev slået ihjel af sin egen mor.

Undervejs i processen kom dyrepasseren til skade.

Elefanten nedkom ikke bare med én unge. Hun fødte tvillinger, hvilket er sjældent hos elefanter og tilsyneladende forskrækkede moren, fortæller personalet hos dyreparken Ayutthaya Elephant Palace.

Som regel føder elefanter kun én unge ad gangen. Men ved én ud af 100 elefantfødsler bliver der født tvillinger.

Ungerne skal i overensstemmelse med thailandsk tradition navngives på fredag - syv dage efter deres fødsel.

»Læs nærmere her: MSN

»Læs nærmere her: วังช้างอยุธยา แล เพนียด Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal

»Læs nærmere her: Elephantstay

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Charity and collectables
Pop Mart is offering 'blind box' art toys as incentives to young people to donate blood.

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Charity and collectables

Pop Mart is offering 'blind box' art toys as incentives to young people to donate blood.

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