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Oprettet af thai d. 25-05-2024 15:55

Lopburi’s underwear thief finally caught

Lopburi residents can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the notorious monkey, infamous for stealing women’s underwear, has been captured. The mischievous primate caused significant distress in the area, even disrupting local businesses.

The saga began when a frustrated shop owner in Lopburi, known for her suit store, reached breaking point after repeated thefts by the monkey, named Ai Waeng. The monkey had developed a peculiar habit of sneaking into the store and making off with underwear and other intimate apparel.

Despite efforts to deter the monkey with protective grilles, Ai Waeng proved persistent, finding ways to climb over and steal the items while no one was watching. As a result, the shop owner offered a 500 baht reward for the capture of the troublesome thief.

“We couldn’t run our businesses in peace. Every time we turned around, something was missing. It was driving us mad.”

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