Debatemne: Thai-Dk Din debat side :: Smag på Thailand

Oprettet af Thaihans d. 21-12-2023 12:57

Spell it as you want- Pad Krapao, Pad Kha Prow, Phat Kra Phrao. But cooking it- that's a different story. Pad Krapao is a miraculous dish- something simple yet perfectly balanced, a fine-tuned creation that must be made with every component aligned in harmony...and as it's the single most popular dish in Thailand, it's a test every chef must pass before earning a place in Bangkok's culinary scene.

In this video, we set out to uncover the origins of the dish, the genesis of the category that brought it to creation, and to find the very best versions on Bangkok's busy streets. It's a quest that brings us from humble lunch counters to Michelin restaurants, and from Mark Wiens' fiery lair to the great Chef Gaa's stall at Khlong Toei. And eventually, it brings us to our old friends in the Khlong Toei slum, who join us to taste test the very best Pad Krapao the city has to offer.