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BANGKOK CHINATOWN ( Yaowarat Road ) / Enjoy! Street food & Shopping

Yaowarat Road is especially famous.
You can enjoy delicious and inexpensive food.

MRT Wat Mongkon Station / Pleang Nam Road
Around the station, there are food stalls, restaurants, and massage parlors.
There is also a shopping mall, I'm Chinatown.
This is a very convenient location and recommended for tourists.

Yaowarat Road
Yaowarat Road starting from China Gate is popular among tourists as a road with many food stalls.
There are many stores.
It is also a famous photo spot, where many people take commemorative photos.

Sampheng Market
Sampheng Market is lined with stores selling fashion items, household goods, handicrafts, and other items.
It is a lively place every day.

This shopping mall has an area selling traditional Thai snacks and food.
You can enjoy delicious Thai food at inexpensive prices.