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Reece Harle was living in Thai Land with his dad until he decided to start selling crystal meth in Bangkok. During what was going to be his final transaction Reece was caught by the Thai Drug Police and thrown in jail.

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You'd have to be very desperate or very stupid to do drugs in Thailand. After all, the warnings couldn't be any clearer, the penalties any tougher. But still Australians keep getting caught. Still, they're shocked when they find themselves in some of the world's most appalling, most brutal jails like the notorious Bangkok Hilton. In a way, though, they're the lucky ones. Thailand's a place where when they say "zero tolerance", they mean it … where more than 2000 drug traffickers were killed on the streets last year.

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Craig and Earl grew up in Thailand, where the only people we knew in a Thai jail were those trying to smuggle heroin out of the "Golden Triangle"... and Craig's dad.

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We head east and join the Thai police as more tourists are in trouble.

British Businessman, Kevin, is about to be released from prison in Thailand after serving time for fraud. The only problem is he now believes his life is in danger and goes to the Thai police asking for their protection.

Another tourist John may be facing a night in a cramped Thai prison if he cannot pay a fine he owes.

Meanwhile holidaymakers Dave and Nicky have all of their holiday money stolen on the first day of their trip.

The police are brought in to try and solve the puzzling crime - puzzling because the £5000 was taken from their safety deposit box.

John, the British owner of a Thai club, has also been the victim of theft – one of his employees has taken money from the club but when the police track him down the perpetrator shoots at them! Plus, Thai police help a British woman who has been attacked outside her apartment.

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Life in Jail (1999): Dangerous at the best of times, we see inside some of the world's most terrifying prisons, in Thailand.

In the dim light of Big Tiger prison, men lie top to toe in overcrowded cells.

New inmates sit idly jangling their feet irons, put-on them to reduce the prison suicide rate. Amongst these men is Lyle Doniger who with Deborah Spinner and Jane McKenzie smuggled in their bodies 10 heroin-packed condoms from Sydney to Thailand in 1996.

These three Australian junkies gambled with Thailand's famously tough smuggling laws and lost.

"I was under the influence of drugs," says Jane, "we really didn't think before we took the actions we did." In Thai law they are considered lucky, the mandatory death sentence for heroin trafficking was commuted to a 50-year jail term.

Lyle is afraid he'll go mad. "Most foreigners hit a wall at about six to eight years so I'm really sweating it." In the women's prison, Deborah laments her loss. "My son is 5 now.

He doesn't even remember me... that breaks my heart." In these cells thousands of miles from home they must serve their time alone.

Lyle Doniger was unexpectedly given a royal pardon in 2002 and released. Jane McKenzie and Deborah Spinner were transferred to Australia in 2004, and released from a Sydney prison in 2007.

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Why You Wouldn't Survive The Bangkok Hilton Prison

Let’s start with the fact that it is a maximum-security prison.

It was made by King Rama VII in 1931 for detaining dangerous, long-term, and death row inmates and currently, it is the only establishment in Thailand responsible for the execution of the death penalty by lethal injection.

Bang Kwang Central Prison holds death penalty inmates in the death row unit and almost all the prisoners spend much of their time in prison in leg shackles, even when they are behind bars.

However, in 2013, the Department of Corrections launched a pilot project to remove the leg shackles from about 560 death row and life sentence inmates to improve its record on prisoner rights.

There was a whole ceremony presided over by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on May 12 2013 to unchain the inmates.

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In this week's episode we sat down with Billy Moore, a former English boxer who spent three years inside Thailand's most dangerous prisons. Billy opens up on his drug dealing and eventual arrest, the passion he formed for Muay Thai Boxing, and the most violent incidents he witnessed in prison.

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Prison fights--the last thing you'd think about when you hear someone got a shorter sentence behind bars.

Not in In Klong Prem. In this high-security prison in Bangkok, inmates box outsiders for money, shorter sentences, and the greater glory of Thailand.

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Craig and Earl grew up in Thailand, where the only people we knew in a Thai jail were those trying to smuggle heroin out of the "Golden Triangle"... and Craig's dad.